Thursday, January 10, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 15 San Ming Tong Hui - Geng Metal

SMTH 庚 Geng Metal

Geng Metal is in charge of the Withering Qi that comes in Autumn,and warfare matter among mankind.

In heaven as frosty wind, on earth as Metal and Iron. It is named Yang Metal.

It is at the 'Lu' stage in Shen, Shen is tough metal, likes to be engendered by Wu Earth, is afraid of  drowning in Gui water.

Is born at Si, Wu earth within Si can engender Geng metal, which is Yang engendering Yang

Si is the fire of furnace and smelt, molding Geng metal, making it to be objects like bells and censers (great objects), when it is knocked, it sounds, if it meets water and earth to be submerged or buried there would be no sound, it is said that metal truly has no sound.

Until Zi land, the place where water is prosperous, Metal is chilly and water is cold, child is prosperous and mother is weak, then it suffers the hardship of being drowned and not able to re-birth. 

Thus, Geng metal is born in Si and dies at Zi. The classic says, Metal sinks at the bottom of water. That is the meaning of this. 

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