Wednesday, January 9, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 4 Di Tian Sui - Jia Wood and Yi Wood

Di Tian Sui on Jia Wood

Jia Wood attends to Heaven, to emerge from the womb needs fire. In spring it does not tolerate metal, in autumn it does not tolerate earth. Fire ablaze, it rides on dragon, water dissipates, it rides on tiger. Earth is moistened (smoothened) and Heaven is in harmony, the plant stands for thousands of centuries. 

++ I like this paragraph, it’s so poetic.

Wood of pure Yang, attends heaven (grows tall) masculine and tough. 

Fire is the offspring of Wood, it’s glorious for prosperous Wood to obtain fire. When born in Spring, it bullies Metal and does not tolerate metal; when born in autumn it assists metal and does not tolerate Earth. 

寅午戌,丙丁多见而坐辰,则能归 ;申子辰,壬癸多见而坐寅,则能纳。
Yin, Wu and Xu, Bing Ding is abundant and sit on Chen, is able to return, Shen Zi and Chen, Ren Gui is abundant and sit on Yin, is able to accept. 

It makes Earth Qi not to dry, water Qi not to disappear, can be in ChangSheng.

Jia is the wood of pure Yang, its core is tough and obstinate, its influence attends to heaven, is extremely masculine and strong.

When it’s born in early spring, wood is soft and Qi is cold, is gloried with fire; when it’s born in middle of spring, its extremely strong influence should be exhausted.

所谓强木得火,方化其 顽。
It’s said that only when strong wood obtains fire, it can transform away its stubbornness.

The one that counters is Metal, but when Metal is resting or trapped, waned Metal to counter prosperous Wood, Strong wood would make metal lack, thus in spring wood does not tolerate Metal.

When born in autumn, it’s a waning period for wood, even though its twigs and leaves has fallen, its roots is still unyielding, the one that is countered is Earth.

Autumn Earth gives birth to Metal and exhausts its own Qi, has the weakest Qi.

The earth with very weak Qi, when it is attacked by wood, cannot nurture the roots of wood, instead it falls into danger, thus in autumn, wood does not tolerate Earth.

柱中寅午戌全,又透丙丁,不惟泄气太过,而木且被焚,宜坐辰,辰 为水库,其土湿,湿土能生木泄火,所谓火炽乘龙也。
When Yin Wu and Xu are complete in the pillars, with Bing and Ding protrudes, not only wood is over exhausted, it is burnt, sitting on Chen is beneficial, Chen as the storage of water, is wet earth, wet Earth can nurture wood and exhaust fire, it is called “Fire ablaze sits on Dragon”. 

With Shen Zi and Chen, and protrude Ren and Gui, overwhelming water makes wood to float, it is beneficial to sit on Yin, Yin is the birth place of Fire and Earth, it’s the prosperous stage of wood, it can contain water Qi, stops it from overflowing and prevent wood from floating, it is called “Water dissipates sits on Tiger”

If metal is not sharp, earth is not parched, fire is not intense, water is not fierce, the woods would not stand for thousands of centuries and obtain ChangSheng!

Di Tian Sui on Yi Wood

Yi wood even though is gentle; it cuts goats and frees cows. It contains Ding and wraps Bing, rides on phoenixes and monkeys. On wet and unreal places, riding on Horse is worrisome. Vines that wraps around trees, can be spring and be autumn.

Yi wood, born in spring is like peaches and plums, in summer is like cereals and grains, in summer is like spurges and laurels, in autumn is like QiPa (a rarely seen exotic flower)

Sits on Chou and Wei can counter Earth, is like slaughtering goats and cows, if there’s one Bing or Ding, even if born in the month of Shen or You, it’s not said to be like that; if born in Zi month, with Ren or Gui protrude, even though it sits on Wu, it can hardly happen.

Thus it's good to know that sitting on Chou and Wei month is good (beautiful)

Jia and Yin are many, good relationship with brothers, it’s like vines growing on big trees, it’s not afraid of being cut down.

Yi wood, has the substance of Jia, bears (continues/receives) the birth Qi of Jia.

In spring is like Peaches and Plums, Metal counters and it withers

In summer is like grains, it lives when water nourishes. 

In autumn is like spurges and laurels, metal is prosperous fire controls.

In winter is like QiPa, fire, wet earth to cultivate.

Born in spring, fire is beneficial, fond of it and becomes glorious

Born in summer, water is beneficial, moisten the parched earth.

Born in autumn, fire is beneficial, to use it to counter metal.

Born in winter, fire is beneficial, to melt the freeze of heaven. 

割羊解牛者,生于丑未月,或乙未乙丑日,未乃木库,得以蟠根, 丑乃湿土,可以受气也。
Slaughtering goats and cows, is born in Chou or Wei Month or on Yi Wei / Yi Chou day, Wei is the storage of Wood, to obtain Wei denotes deep roots, Chou is wet earth, can receive its Qi.

Contain Ding / embrace Bing, rides on phoenix and monkey, is born in the month of Shen or You, or Yi You day, to have Bing or Ding protrude in heaven, with water they don’t dispute and counter, control and transformation become beneficial, is not afraid of strong metal.

虚湿之地,骑马亦忧者,生于亥 子月,四柱无丙丁,又无戌未燥土,即使年支有午,亦难发生也。天干甲透,地支寅藏,此谓鸢萝系松柏,春固得助,秋亦合扶,故可春可秋,言四季皆可也。
The place of void and wetness, the one that is riding horse is worried, is born in the month of Hai and Zi, In the four pillars there’s no Bing nor Ding, also without Xu and Wei (dry earth), even though there’s a Wu in the year pillar, it is hard to take place. Jia protrudes as HS, hides in Yin HS, this is called 鸢萝系松柏 (the vine of iris entangles the conifers), in spring it’s stubborn and it gains assistance, in autumn it’s also being supported, thus it is said to be ‘can be in spring, can be in autumn’, it can be in all 4 seasons.


  1. 如果金不锐,土不燥,火不烈,水不狂,非植立千古而得长生者哉!
    If metal is not sharp, earth is not parched, fire is not intense, water is not fierce, the woods would not stand for thousands of centuries and obtain ChangSheng!

    I suppose too much negation here. Could it be correctly the following?

    Therefore if and only if metal is not sharp, earth is not parched, fire is not intense, water is not fierce, do the woods stand for thousands of ages and obtain ChangSheng (longevity)!

  2. Hi Simon,

    This verse is difficult to translate. I think your translation is more comprehensible. IMO, Master Ren wanted to imply that ia and other elements have to be strong in order for Jia to obtain longevity.