Tuesday, January 15, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 21 HS - YHZP Wu and Ji

戊 Wu Earth

Wu Earth is like the castle wall or river banks, to hold rivers and seas its roots have to be heavy.

Meeting combination in the pillar(s)? its shape is still strong, under the day sitting on 'fake' (unsupported) it will collapse.

If its strength is thin, it will not win metals exhaustion, to be successful, it's good to use wood to tilt and let through.

It likes east and south the most, when its prosperous go east and south but when it's lost. middle.

Implied meaning:

In order to contain Water, Wu earth has to be strongly rooted.
Meeting Gui to combine, Wu earth is still strong (as combination fire engenders earth)
Wu Zi pillar is inauspicious
Does not like metal when it's weak, 
To be successful, it needs wood
When it's strong it likes Wood and fire, 
When it's weak it likes Earth. 

Ji Earth

Ji earth as fields and gardens it belongs to the four corners (NE, SE, NW and SW), Kun is deep as it's the base of thousand beings

It's still weak at the place where water and metal are prosperous, it's most marvelous when fire and earth complete the work.

Losing the command, how can it bury swords and lances? gaining the season only it can be used loadstone. 

Prosperous resources with meeting many combinations are fake overestimation, not meeting punishment and clashes it will always not be beneficial

Implied meaning
Ji earth is weak at Chou and Shen, as metal and water exhaust earth. At these places fire and earth are beneficial.
Without support of the season, earth cannot withstand metal, when it's in season it can use metal.
Strong Fire and meeting combination is not really auspicious
Sitting on Si or Wei combination is not beneficial, clashes and punishments are beneficial


  1. Hi Trey,

    How about ji earth born in hai month, with plenty water. Is it weak or strong?

    Hour ji si
    Day ji hai
    Month gui hai
    Year wu wu

    Thnks in advance!!!

    Ps love your translation jobs, but a lot of them very confusing and contradic sometimes.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I accidentally deleted the previous comment, so I have to post this comment.

    I believe Ji earth is strong because it has Qi in EB Wu and Si, even though it is born out of season.

    Well, the materials in this blog are confusing if you read it from 'modern bazi' perspective. For instance, classical bazi does not begin analysis with the strength of Daymaster. It begins with determining the correct structure.

    The topics about Useful God in the September entries are good to begin learning about structure identification, after that, the translations would be less confusing and contradicting.

    Thank you for reading

  3. Hi Trey,

    Thanks for your confirmation about the daymaster strength!

    I already read some of those. I will be re read again.

    Have a great day!!!

  4. Hi Trey,

    Sorry that i have to bother u again.

    Please confirm if my structure is " prosperous wealth engendering officer"

    I read post of july 8, say should not see DO in the chart, but I got 2 jia hidden as Direct officer. Does it make the structure or not?

    Thanks for your time!!

  5. Let me see

    Ji Ji Gui Wu
    Si Hai Hai Wu

    Jia born in Hai, this is a Wealth engendering Officer structure, but it has a sickness that is Gui Wealth is being robbed by Wu earth. Wood does not protrude from the EBs so it cannot stop this robbery. You will do well when Wood comes in the HS in your LPs.


  6. Hi trey,

    Thanks for your confirm on my structure!!!

    Wood jia and yi is my useful gods, right? how about bing and ding, i thought i need more sun before ji can be productive.

    First bing or ding
    Second jia or yi
    Third xin or geng

    If my structure like what u said, i have to wait till 78 and 88 years old to see woods in hs of luck pillar. I really question if i could live that long.;-)..does that imply that i have no luck this life.?:-(

    Thanks for your feedback!!

  7. Dear bluemoon,

    Useful God is Wealth, the element that commands the chart.

    Favorable entity is named 'Minister God', the God that rescue the Useful God, in this case, Officer.

    Bing and Ding cannot help in supporting or protecting the Useful God. Wealth that is robbed will be difficult to engender Officer. The structure breaks.

    The chart already has Si and Wu and does not need anymore fire.

    Well, if wood takes so long to arrive, you need to move other factors to improve your life,

    1. Destiny
    2. Luck
    3. Feng Shui
    4. Charity
    5. Education
    6. Name
    7. Look
    8. Prayers
    9. Noble friends
    10. Self Cultivation

    So you need to move Feng Shui, Charity etc etc.

    Warmest regards!

  8. Hi Trey,

    Thank you very much for your comment!!!

    If the structure breaks, does it become other structure or might be not?.. Ex structure breaks means breaks become not noble.

    Really look forward to your next posts, keep up the good work!!!


    Look forward

  9. Dear bluemoon,

    The structure becomes less noble, good thing is Wealth is strongly rooted, although it's robbed, it's still functioning, although to a lesser degree.

    Thanks for reading the blog :)