Saturday, January 26, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 23 HS - YHZP Ren and Gui

Ren Water

Ren water, huge ocean, a combination of hundred rivers, flowing under heaven without boundary.

Stems and branches, accumulating will become drifting, fire and earth, repeated encounter dry its source.

Yang and Tai must be in Wei and Wu, ChangSheng and GuiLu belongs to Qian & Kun

Self is strong and in natal without Wealth and Lu, going west and north would cause one to undergo difficulties since young age.

Gui Water

Gui water should not be the likes of rain and dew, if the root is connected through Hai and Zi, it becomes rivers.

In the pillar without Kun and Kan and self is weak, however many wealth and authorities in the structure will not be too many.

Shen Zi Chen complete becomes an upper structure, Yin Wu Xu complete must be in moderation.

Even if fire and earth born in deep summer, how can the journey to west and north be too much?

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