Thursday, January 10, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 18 San Ming Tong Hui - Gui Water

SMTH 癸 Gui Water

Gui water follows behind Ren water, is the Qi of one cycle of Yin and Yang, which is completed at the end but inversely begins again, water can be divided into clear and turbid, dispersed to the four, directions,it has the ability to moisten and help earth, the virtue of nourishing ten thousand beings. 

In heaven as rain and dew, on earth as springs and underground water, is named Yin water.

It is at the stage of 'Lu' at Zi, Zi is the time when Yin reaches the extreme and Yang is born, Xin is born and Geng dies. 

Gui as living water, living water is gentle water, likes to be engendered by Yin Metal, fear of Yang metal as it can be sluggish, desires Yin wood as its root can tilt Yin earth, and tilted Yin earth will allow underground water to flow smoothly.

On the second month is strong Mao, which is flowers, fruits, trees and wood, prosperous wood causes earth to leak (as it is tilted it cannot contain water), Gui water can connect through.


As for Shen Land, it's the matter of 3 Yins, Fou Gua (the 12th of the 64Gua) takes command, Heaven and earth does not associate with each other, ten thousand beings does not connect (go through), Kun earth within Shen, Geng metal becomes cofferdam, Gui water flow smoothly, and it is contained to be ponds and marshes, nowhere for it to set, how can it engender beings?

Thus Gui water is born in Mao and dies at Shen. The classic says: Water does not flow towards the west. That is the meaning of this.

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