Wednesday, January 9, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 12 San Ming Tong Hui - Ding Fire

SMTH 丁 Ding Fire


Ding Fire follows behind Bing Fire, is the essence of ten thousands beings, the image of civilization

In haven as stars, on earth as lamps lights, it is named Yin Fire.

It is at the stage of 'Lu' at Wu, which is the leader of the 6 Yins, within is Yi wood, which can engender Ding Fire.

Yi as living wood, Ding as living fire.

Living fire is gentle fire, Ding likes to be engendered by Bing Fire, which is Yin engendering Yin, which is like people using vegetable oil or sesame oil to light up lamps,for these oils are the ointment made of Yi wood. 

At the time of You, four Yins takes command, lamp lights can shine splendidly, stars are glittering, which why Din is born in You.

At the time of Yin, three Yang takes over, Yang fire is being born, Yin fire recedes, it's like when the sun rises on the east, the starlight is hidden, lamp lights even though is flaming, its light is not prominent.

Thus Ding Fire is born in You and dies at Hai. the classic says when fire is bright it extinguished. That is the meaning of this. 

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