Wednesday, January 9, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 13 San Ming Tong Hui - Wu Earth

SMTH 戊 Wu Earth

戊土洪未判, 天地既分,厚载万物,聚于中央,散于四维。
Wu Earth exists before Hong Meng is judged (before heaven and earth separated), and after the heaven and earth separated, carries the load of ten thousands being, it gathers in the middle, disperses at the four borders.


In heaven as mist, on earth as Mountain, is named Yang Earth.


It is t the stage of 'Lu' in Si, Si as the furnace of furnace and smelt, trained to become useful, knocked and it sounds, its behavior strong and ferocious, difficult to be offended.


Likes Yang fire to engender, fears Yin metal robs its Qi.


Yang Fire is Bing Fire, Bing Fire is born at Yin, Yin belongs to Gen (8 Gua), Gen as mountain, Mountain as strong Earth, is Wu Earth, it relies to Bing Fire to be engendered.


And on You land, You belongs to Dui, Metal wastes and robs Wu Earth of its Qi, and when Metal is prosperous, earth is weak, mother is weak and child is prosperous, and also when metal hits rocks are broken, how can it live longer?


Thus, Wu earth is born at Yin and dies at You, the classics says: Weak earth collapse, that is the meaning of this. 

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