Saturday, January 26, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 22 HS - YHZP Geng and Xin

Geng Metal 

Geng Metal is blunt and behaves rather tough. When it's successfully controlled by fire, water land is feared.

Born in summer, east and south is over forged, born in autumn, west and north it's still shinning.

Deep water in turn has to be countered, prosperous wood would cause myself to be injured

Wu and Ji heavy, not meeting clash will cause Geng to be buried.

Implied meaning -
Meeting Ding, water is not good
Born in summer, does not like to meet wood/fire in LP
Born in autumn, likes metal/water in LP
Strong water has to be countered by earth
Strong wood would hurt metal
Strong earth must be clashed so metal will not be buried

Xin Metal 辛金珠玉性通灵,最爱阳和沙水清;
Xin metal as pearls and jades, it connects spirits, loves Yand and sandy water to be clear.

If it's successful, does not need fiery fire to forge, as support, it likes wet clay to engender

Abundant water, prosperous fire, it's beneficial at west and north, water is chilly and metal is cold wants Bing and Ding

Sitting on Lu, connects through its root self is prosperous, does not worry about thick earth  burying itself. 

Implied meaning
Xin metal likes Yang polarity element
Fire is not really necessary for a good structure, 
Like Chen/Chou wet earth to engender
When Fire is strong, water is strong, metal / water becomes auspicious
Metal born in winter needs fire
Does not fear strong earth if self is strong

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