Thursday, January 10, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 16 San Ming Tong Hui - Xin Metal

SMTH 辛 Xin Metal

Xin metal follows behind Geng Metal, as the head of the five metals, the prime of the 8 rocks.

In heaven as the sun and mood, is the essence of the great Yin (the moon), on earth s metal, metal as the mineral from mountains and rocks, it is named Yin metal.

It is at the stage of 'Lu' at You, Ji earth in You can engenders Xin Metal, which is Yin giving birth to Yin, thus is named gentle metal, which is the essence of great Yin.

Xin metal is born in Z, Zi is the wall of Kan water, in Kan, one Yang belongs to metal, the other 2 Yin belongs to earth, earth can engender metal, child is hidden in mother's womb, has not shown its body, when it gets flushed by water which is the child of metal, sands / silt will be washed away, that is how it become prominent, when aided by water metal is glorious, its color and light is bright and clear.

and as to Si land, Si is the fire of furnace and smelt, which molds Xin metal to become useful, but it  is also being buried by Wu earth n Si, its shaped cannot be changed, how can it be rebirth?

Thus, Xin metal is born at Zi and dies at Si. The classic says: Heavy earth buries metal. This is what it means. 

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