Wednesday, January 9, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 9 San Ming Tong Hui - Jia Wood

SMTH 甲 Jia Wood

Jia wood is the leader of the 10 Stem, meant to rule 4 seasons, engenders and nourishes ten thousands beings.

In heaven it is the thunder, the dragon, on earth it is the pillar and column, it is called Yang Wood.

It is at "Lu" at Yin, Yin as the wood above the Gua 'Li'

Its root is broken, its branches are gone, it is called the dead wood.

Dead wood is tough wood, it has to been carved and scraped by weighty axe in order to be useful.

It 'ChangSheng' at Hai, Hai is the water of river, lakes, ponds and pools, it is named dead water, 

When dead wood is put into dead water, even if it is immersed for years, it will not be rotten, for example the wood of cedar, even if it is in water, it still can persist.

If it departs from the bank of water and meets Gui water, Gui water is living water, it's the rain and dew between heaven and earth,

It is shone upon by the sun and wet by the rain, we and dry irregularly,eventually it withers and rots, and that can produce fire, when fire is strong wood will be burnt, that has the suffering / disaster of flying ashes and extinguished smoke.


And wood belongs to Li Fire, Fire relies on wood to burn, wood is the mother of Fire, Fire is the child of Wood, child is prosperous and mother is weak, will it not be the end?

That is why Jia wood dies at Wu. The classics says: wood does not rush to south. That means this. 

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