Friday, January 11, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 19 HS - YHZP Jia and Yi


Jia wood is the first of the Heavenly stems, originally without twigs, leaves and roots

It desires to exists in heaven and earth thousands years old, planted straight into the sand and clay hundred thousands of feet.

Cut to become ridge pole metal gets to be used, to turn into ashes and charcoals fire as the disaster;

A stupid, natural block of thing really has no use, naturally, letting spring and autumn come
 and go.

Implied meaning:
Both earth are useful for Jia,
In order to be successful, Metal should be used
When fire is too strong, health might have problem
Although seemingly useless, Jia could allow for longevity

《乙》Yi wood

Yi wood has its root planted deep, only benefits from Yang land and not Yin.

Drifting and floating it is afraid of too much meeting with water

Going south fire and flame disaster is not shallow (strong disaster), going west heavy earth calamity is invading. 

Ridge pole is not wood with chained roots, the knowledge to differentiate takes efforts to be studied. 

Implied meaning
Yi likes mostly Yang elements
Too many resources could be lonely or directionless
Too many authorities might injure Yi (health / body)
Too many wealths is not beneficial
To many outputs is not beneficial

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