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天干地支 HS / EB - Part 5 Di Tian Sui - Bing Fire and Ding Fire

Di Tian Sui on Bing Fire

Bing fire is fierce and intense; it bullies the frosts and insults the snows. It can forge Geng metal but meeting Xin, it becomes afraid. With abundant earth it becomes compassionate, becomes prominent with rampant water. In the places of tiger, horse and dog, when Jia wood comes, it will be burnt.

Fire is the essence of Yang, Bing fire represent the extreme of Yang brilliance, thus it’s fierce and intense, it’s not afraid of autumn and it bullies the frosts, it’s not afraid of winter and it insults the snows. Although Geng metal is tough, it can be forged by Bing, Xin metal is soft by nature, to combine it in turn becomes weak.

Earth is the children, to meet with many Wu and Ji, it becomes the virtue of love and compassion; water is its lord, to meet with prosperious Ren and Gui, it shows the air of prominence. And because Wei follows the fiery nature, meeting Yin Wu and Xu, Jia wood would become parched and burnt.

Bing is the Fire of pure Yang, it’s power is fierce and intense, bullies frosts and insults snows, has the ability to remove coldness and defrost.

Can forge Geng metal meets **** and it can counter; but meeting Xin it becomes afraid, it combines with gentleness and resides in peace (harmony)

土众成慈,不凌下也; 水猖显节,不援上也。
With abundant earth it becomes compassionate, it wont suppress the ones below; With fierce water it becomes prominent and wont support the ones above.

The ones in the places of Tiger, Horse and Dog, EB sits on Yin, Wu and Xu, the intensity of fire is overly strong, to have Jia wood to support would in turn be burnt.

由此论之,From this discussion

To exhaust its might, must use Ji Earth; to stop its flame, must use Ren Water; to follow its nature, Xin metal is a must.

Ji earth is a body of lowly and wetness, it can accept the Qi of primordial Yang; Wu earth is highly and dry, to meet Bing fire it would become burnt and cracked

Ren water has the virtue of being moderately tough, it can control the explosive fiery of fire; Gui water is Yin and gentle, meeting Bing Fire it would dry up. 

辛金柔软之物,明作合而相亲, 暗化水而相济;
Xin metal is something that is gentle and soft, in appearance they matches and marries, in obscurity they transforms into water and aid each other.

Geng metal is tough and strong, tough meeting tough, the two won’t exist together.

This uses the 5 elements as examples, to apply it to matters and relationships of human; it cannot be not the same!

Di Tian Sui on Ding Fire

Ding fire is gentle and moderate; its intrinsic nature is brilliant and harmonious. Embracing Yi it is filial, combining Ren it is loyal. It is prosperous but not intense, it is waned but not poor, if there’s the first mother (the children of the concubines address the first (legitimate) wife as嫡母), it can be autumn, it can be winter.

Ding Stem belongs to Yin, It is fire in nature although it is Yin, it is gentle and it has moderation. 

It is soft on the outside but it is civilized on the inside, how can its intrinsic nature not be brilliant and harmonious?

Yi is not the first mother of Ding, Yi is afraid of Xin but embraces Ding, Is not as good as Jia when meeting Bing Jia wood would be burnt, is not as good as Yi when embracing Ding Yi wood would obscure Ding Fire, its filial piety is different from people.

壬为丁之正君也,壬畏戊而丁合之,外则抚恤戊土,能使戊土不欺壬也,内则暗化木神,而使戊土不敢抗乎壬也,其忠异乎人 矣。
Ren is Ding’s true ruler, Ren is afraid of Wu so it combines with Ding, on the outside it comforts Wu earth, that makes Wu earth stops bullying Ren, on the inside it transforms into the God of wood in conceal, that makes Wu earth not to defy Ren, its loyalty is different from people.

Born in Autumn and Winter, to has one Jia Wood, Ding fire can depends on that Wood and will not be extinguished, and its flame would be inexhaustible, thus it can be in autumn and can be in winter. These are all the paths of gentleness.

Ding fire is not as the saying that is it of lamps and candles, it is more like Bing fire, but gentle and moderate.

The intrinsic nature that is brilliant and harmonious is an image of civilization. 

To embrace Yi and becoming Filial, in appearance, it makes Xin metal not to hurt Yi Wood.

To combine with Ren and becoming Loyal, in obscurity, it makes Wu earth not to hurt Ren water.

Unfortunately, in its gentleness and moderation, there’s a disadvantage because it will not go over (beyond) nor will it be insufficient, 

Even at times when it’s riding on prosperity, it would not reach an awe-inspiring flame.

Even at times when it’s succumbing to declination, it would not be totally put off / extinguished. 

With Jia or Yi protrude in HS, born in autumn, it’s not afraid of Metal;

With Yin or Mao hidden in EB, born in winter, water is not a taboo


  1. Hi Trey,

    is not as good as Yi when embracing Ding Yi wood would obscure Ding Fire

    Could it be that here 己 Ji (earth) is instead of 乙 Yi as a typical scan/copyist error? The comparison in the text is done with embrace of Ding fire and Yi wood. Why would the text compare that with itself? Moreover, the text did not mention "wood".

    So, in my opinion, it says:
    is not the same as Ji embracing Ding, as a contrary that (Ji) can obscure Ding Fire


  2. Hi Simon,

    I don't think it's a typo or copyist error. Yi is the PianYin for Ding and thus it does exactly what it does. If Ding is not strong enough, PianYin becomes DaoShi and it will overwhelm the DM. Unlike ZhengYin which favors weak DM, PianYin favors strong DM. This is in stark contrast to modern BaZi. You can refer to the SMTH entries on DaoShi (Pouring Food) for more information.


    1. Yep... makes sense! And it indeed is in stark contrast with modern style Bazi!

  3. I agree, but here the text contains a comparison.

    First it speaks about Ding embraces Yi (丁抱之). Then there is two contrasts - I suppose, with this first part:
    1. the case of Bing embraces Jia ( 丙抱甲 )
    2. the case of Yi/Ji embraces Ding ( 乙抱丁 or 己抱丁 )

    The first thing I've noticed is the reversed order of 乙 and 丁 - but embrace is mutual so it may not matter. The second is that if it was 乙 and 丁, it would be a contrast to itself: "Yi embraces Ding is not as good as Yi embraces Ding"... Why would Ren TieQiao say that?

  4. I mean the order of 乙 and 丁 is reversed in comparison to 丙 and 甲.

  5. Dear Simon,

    In my opinion, I think embrace means to be used in the chart.

    For example

    Ding embraces Yi means Yi is the DM while Ding is used in the chart.
    Yi embraces Ding means Ding is the DM while Yi is used in the chart.
    Bing embraces Jia means Jia is the DM and Bing is used in the chart.

    The term that is mostly used to portray the relationship with Jia and Bing, or Yi and Ding is 食 (To eat), like 甲食丙, 乙食丁. Jia eats Bing, Yi eats Ding.

    My 2 cents

  6. Dear Trey,

    This makes sense, thanks. The order relates to which Stem is used in the chart.