Wednesday, January 9, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 10 San Ming Tong Hui - Yi Wood

SMTH 乙 Yi Wood

Yi follows behind Jia, develop and nurtures ten thousand beings, it births and grows incessantly. 


In heaven as wind, on earth as trees, named as Yin Wood.


It is in the 'Lu' stage at Mao, Mao as trees and woods with deep roots and luxuriant leaves, named as living wood.


Living wood is gentle / tender wood, is afraid of to be hacked by metal, it's afraid of the coming of autumn when it falls and withers, it desires moisten earth to develop its roots, it's beneficial to have living water (Gui) to nourish its branches and leaves.


Living water is Gui water, which is the rain and dew from the sky, fountain and spring on earth, moisten earth is Ji earth, like tilted soil, to complete the farming work. 


Ji is at the stage of 'Lu' at Wu, Wu is the end of 6 Yangs, one Yin is being re-birthed, thus the grain flowers blooms in Wu, Yi wood is born on Wu land. 


The tenth month of strong Hai, Hai is when Pure Yin takes command, Ren is at the stage of 'Lu' when Hai is taking command, dead water is flowing rampantly, earth is thin and roots become weak, the nurturing of the wood becomes poor.


Thus, Yi wood dies at Hai. The classics says: Water is rampant, wood floats, the meaning is this. 

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