Tuesday, January 15, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 20 HS - YHZP Bing and Ding

《丙》Bing Fire


Bing fire is bright, as bright as the sun, its origin just and great, it sets WangChang (Wang Chang refers to the 3 Relationships; king and ministers, father and son, husband and wife, and the five virtues)


Its grand light peeps not only thousands of miles, its great flames also reaches to 8 directions.


Coming to this world, it's willing to be the child of floating wood, reincarnate and it does not want to be the mother of wet earth.


Dead water from rivers and lakes could counter / pacify it, it's only afraid of wood that's becoming forests as woe.

Implied meaning:

It's okay to be born by wet wood (wood with a lot of water)
It does not like to engender wet earth (Ji)
Ren 7K is okay for Bing (some think Ren is better than Gui but nowhere in this text indicates that)
It does not like abundant Jia wood. 

《丁》Ding Fire


Ding Fire has the form of candle and lamp, when meeting together with the Sun, the sun takes away its light.


When it is found (in season) it can cast thousands of gold and iron, when it's lost command (not supported by season) it's difficult to melt an inch of gold.


Even though dry wood is little, it can ignite fire, even though wet wood is abundant, it cannot birth fire.


Strong or weak has to be divided to be analyzed, when it's prosperous it's a furnace, when weak it's a candlestick.

Implied meaning.

Strength is very important for Ding
Does not like Bing fire
When strong, metal is useful, when weak metal is not useful
Dry wood is useful when weak, just a small amount is enough
Wet wood cannot generate Ding fire


  1. i have read a interpretation of arrival of Jia in a bing DM chart with Yin Wu Xu will cause forest fire and obliterate Bing. but most interprete it as Jia will be destroyed. I noted in YHZP that Bing do not like jia either. What do you think?

  2. Jia embodies the Young Yang 少阳 and Bing embodies Old Yang 太阳 / 老阳, When Jia feeds Bing, it's a very 'Yang' thing, abrupt and excessive.

    Whether this is good or not needs to be analyzed from the Useful God/ chart structure perspective.