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天干地支 HS / EB - Part 7 Di Tian Sui - Geng Metal and Xin Metal

Di Tian Sui on Geng Metal

Geng metal carries along evil, it is most robust. With water it becomes clear, with fire it becomes sharp. It is birthed with wet earth; it becomes brittle with dry earth. It can win Jia (the elder brother) but loses to Yi (the little sister).

Geng metal is the TaiBai in the sky (TaiBai is a God太白金星姓李名长庚who rules over planet Venus), it is most robust when it carries killing.
Trey: it seems to me that Geng metal favors Bing fire to be robust.

It is healthy and with water, its Qi flows and it becomes clear; it is hard and with fire, its Qi becomes pure and it becomes sharp.

The earth that has water can complete its birth; the earth that has fire can make it brittle.

Although Jia wood is strong, Geng’s power is enough to chop it; although Yi wood is soft, it combines and instead becomes weak.

Geng is the somber / desolate Qi of autumn; it is most tough and strong.

To obtain water and become clear, it is Ren water, Ren water develops and grows, diverts and clears Geng’s tough and killing nature, making it to be tempered and sharper, sparkling and translucent.

得火而锐者,丁火也,丁火阴柔,不与庚金为敌, 良冶销熔,遂成剑戟,洪炉煅炼,时露锋砧。
To obtain fire and become sharp, it is Ding fire, Ding fire is Yin and gentle, it does not regard Geng metal as enemy, it is good for smelting the metal, make it into swords and lances, with strong furnace to forge,  it takes time to reveal its sharpness on the anvil. 

Born in spring and summer, its Qi is a little weak, meeting Chou and Chen (wet earth) it is birthed, meeting Wei and Xu (dry earth) it becomes brittle.

Jia wood is the true enemy, Geng metal strength can cut it down; combining with Yi, instead it feels affectionate. 

Yi does not fully combine with Geng to assist tyrants; Geng too would not totally combine with Yi and become weak, it is beneficial to analyze in detail.

Di Tian Sui on Xin Metal

Xin metal is soft and weak, it’s soft (pretty as gems) and clear. It is afraid of abundant earth (叠 means repeat), likes the surplus of water. It can assist 社稷SheJi (the God of land, agriculture), can save living things. When it’s hot it likes mother, when it’s cold it likes Ding.

Xin is Yin metal, is neither pearl nor jade as what it is said. 

Then ones that is gentle, soft, clear and pretty, are all Xin metal.

Abundant Wu and Ji earth can bury Xin, that is why it is afraid; Abundant Ren and Gui water would make it elegant, that is why it is happy.

Xin is the minister of Bing, to combine with Bing it transforms into water, that makes Bing fire acknowledge allegiance to Ren water, and thus camly (安 could mean peacefully, camly, quietly etc) support 社稷SheJi; 

Xin is the ruler of Jia, to combine with Bing it transforms into water, that makes Bing fire does not scorch Jia wood, and thus it saves living things.

Born in the nine summers (meaning summer) and has Ji earth, it can diminish fire and survive; born in the depth of winter and has Ding fire, it can match coldness and cultivate (itself). 

故辛金生 于冬月,见丙火则男命不贵,虽贵亦不忠;女命克夫,不克亦不和。见丁男女皆贵且顺。
Thus, Xin metal born in winter, meets Bing fire is not noble for a man’s life, even if he’s noble he won’t be noble; for a women’s life she would 克夫 KeFu (counter husband), even if she does not counter her husband, she won’t be in peace (harmonize, exists peacefully) with him, to meet with Ding for men and women is all noble and smooth. 

Xin metal is the substance (material) of five metals (五金WuJin five metals refer to gold, silver, copper, iron and tin) in the human realms, thus it is pretty and presentable.

It is afraid of abundant earth, Wu earth if too heavy, can dry up water and bury metal; it likes the surplus of water, with the surplus of Ren water, it can moisten earth and cultivate Metal.

辛为甲之君也,丙火能焚甲木, 合而化水,使丙火不焚甲木,反有相生之象;
Xin is the ruler of Jia, Bing fire can scorch Jia wood, combine and transform into water would make Bing fire not to scorch Jia wood, instead it has an image of engendering each other.

Xin is the minister of Bing, Bing fire can birth Wu earth, combine and transform into water would make Bing fire not to birth Wu Earth, instead it has the beauty of assisting each other.

Is this not supporting SheJi and saving living things?

生于夏而火多,有 己土则晦火而生金;
Born in summer and fire is many, to have Ji earth can diminish fire and birth metal

Born in winter and water is prosperous, to have Ding fire can warm water and cultivate metal.

That is said – Hot and it likes mother, Cold and it likes Ding.

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