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天干地支 HS / EB - Part 6 Di Tian Sui - Wu Earth and Ji Earth

Wu earth is stubborn and heavy, it is moderate and just (straight / right / principled). Harmonious when it’s still and Majestic when it’s moving, it commands ten thousand beings. With water to nourish, creations live, with fire to parch, creations fall sick.When positioned at Gen and Kun, it is afraid of being clashed and is beneficial to be still (motionless). 

(司命 – is a God, usually identified as WenChang, that commands life and death of humans)

Wu earth is not as what it is said to be - the walls of a castle or banks or rivers and lakes, compared to Ji, it’s higher, thicker, tougher and drier, it is the place of origin of Ji earth (origin as in the origin of rivers or streams etc),+ it obtains the middle Qi and it is just and great.

+ I am not very sure about this phrase

In Spring and Summer, its Qi is grand (majestic) and it can births creations, in Autumn and Winter its Qi is harmonious and it completes creations, that is why it is regarded as commanding life. 

Its Qi is of Yang nature, it likes moist but not dry, sits on Yin it’s afraid of Shen, sits on Shen it’s afraid of Yin.

Clashes would cause its roots to be moved, it’s not the right path its place, thus it’s beneficial to be still.

Wu as Yang earth, its Qi is stubborn and heavy, resides in the middle and obtains righteousness.

In Spring and Summer, Qi is moving and is grand (majestic), thus it develops and births, in Autumn and Winter, Qi is still and harmonious, thus it keeps and stores, thus it is regarded as the life commander of creations.

Its Qi is highly and thick, 

生于春夏,火旺宜水润之,则万 物发生,燥则物枯;
Born in Spring and Summer, Fire is prosperous, it is beneficial for water to moisten, so creations can develop and birth, if it is dry, creations will wither. 

Born in Autumn and Winter, Water is abundant, it is beneficial for fire to warm, so creations can transform can complete, if it is wet, creations will fall sick.

Gen and Kun represent the month of Yin and Shen.

It spring it is countered, its Qi is unreal (feeble, insubstantial) so stillness is beneficial.

In autumn it is greatly exhausted, its Body is thin (weak) so it is afraid of clash. 

Di Tian Sui on Wu Earth

或坐寅申日,亦喜静忌 冲。
Or sitting on Yin / Shen day, it is also good to be still and bad to be clashed. 

Also if it’s born in the months of four seasons (trey: possibly the months of earth), Geng, Shen, Xin and You metal are most favorable, its elegant Qi spreads, so it is regarded as a noble structure, it is similar for Ji earth.

If the pillars see Wood and Fire, or if they are encountered in Luck cycle, the structure is broken.

Di Tian Sui on Ji Earth

Ji earth is low and damp, it is upright, it stores and keeps. It’s not worried about prospering wood, or about rampaging water. Fire is little, fire dims, Metal is abundant, metal glows. If creations are to prosper, it is better to assist and to help.

Ji Earth is lowly, thin, soft and damp, it’s the place of twigs and leaves for Wu earth, it is mainly upright and it can store and keep creations.

Soft earth can beget woods, wood cannot counter it, thus it is not worried about prosperous wood; deep earth can contain water, water cannot pool, thus it is not afraid of rampant water.

Fire without roots, cannot beget damp earth, thus fire if little, becomes dim; damp earth can moisten metal Qi, thus metal if abundant, becomes honorable, in turn, metal can be seen to be clear and gleaming. 

I have no idea what does this mean.

无为 WuWei and 有为 YouWei– inaction (without action) and action (with action) are two contrasting philosophical concepts. The former advocates non-action, going with the flow while the latter advocates striving and going against the flow.

无为 Wuwei is mainly practiced by Taoism, Zen and to a lesser extent, Buddhism (Buddhism stresses more on the Middle Way)

有为 YouWei is mainly practiced by Confucianism, Moism and Legalism.
Having said this, this sentence makes no sense to me. What was Liu BoWen thinking?

For creations to be full, blooming, growing and prospering, Ji earth’s power has to be deep and strong, with fire Qi to warm.

Ji earth is the place of Yin and dampness, it is upright, it stores and keeps (hides), it connects through 8 directions and prospers in 4 seasons, and it has the amazing ability to nourish without resting.

It is not worried about prosperous wood, it’s nature is gentle and harmonious, wood borrows it for cultivation, wood does not counter it.

It is not worried about rampant water, its body is extremely congealable, it can contain and store water, water does not clash with it.

Little fire, fire is diminished, it is Ding fire, Yin earth can control fire, diminishes fire.

Abundant metal, metal is shined, it is Xin metal, damp earth can birth Metal, moisten and smoothen metal.

柱中土气深固,又得丙火去其阴湿之气,更足以滋 生万物,所谓宜助宜帮者也。
In the pillars, the earth Qi is deep and strong, and there’s also Bing fire to take out the Qi of Yin and dampness, that is sufficient to birth and nourish creations, that is the saying of ‘beneficial to assist and to help”

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