Wednesday, January 9, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 14 San Ming Tong Hui - Ji Earth

SMTH 己 Ji Earth

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Ji Earth follows behind Wu earth, is the primordial Qi of heaven, and the true earth on earth. 


Pure Qi ascends, harmonize heaven and earth, turbid Qi descends, collectively engenders ten thousand beings, it is names Yin earth.


Heaven, earth and human, the three courses (refers to HS, EB and HHS) should not lack of this Earth,it is like the matchmaker of heaven and earth, if Yin and Yang does not have this, how can they match?


Thus in four elements, there's nowhere that is cannot be without,and in four seasons, it's still lodging prosperously, and this is true earth.


Likes Ding fire to engenders, fears Bing Fire as it gets parched.

It is at the stage of 'Lu' in Wu, Ding Fire in Wu can engender Ji Earth, Yi wood robs the nurturing Qi.


And as for You land, Ding Fire is born, thus Ji earth also can be born.


And what's happening at Yin, Wood and Fire take charge, molding Ji earth, eventually become porcelain rocks, lost it harmonious Qi, how can it not be broken?


Thus Ji Earth is born in You and dies at Yin. The classics says: Strong fire breaks the earth. That is the meaning of this. 

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