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天干地支 HS / EB - Part 8 Di Tian Sui - Ren Water and Gui Water

Di Tian Sui on Ren Water

Ren water connects (go through) rivers, can exhaust metal Qi, has the virtue of being moderate and tough, it flows all around on all sides and it is not sluggish. Connected to the roots and protrude Gui, rushes to the sky and rushes on the earth. Transformation is affectionate, Follow is aiding each other.


Ren water is the source of Gui water, is the water of KunLun (KunLun is a mountain in the west of China)

Gui water is the fate (it ends there) of Ren, it is the water of FuSang

Trey: 扶桑 FuShang in folklore is a gargantuan tree to the east which the sun was thought to have risen from. 扶桑 could also refer to a mythical island to the east (Japan). In modern times, 扶桑 refers to hibiscus flower.

There’s separation and coming together, their journey is endless, so they are the ones of hundred rivers, and also the ones of rain and dew, they cannot be seen as two different entities.

Shen is Heaven’s Pass, it’s the mouth of the Heavenly river, Ren water ChangSheng at this place, it can exhaust the west metal Qi.

Trey: 天河 TianHe– Heavenly River can be the Milky way galaxy, sometimes one of its arm can be seen at night. 天河TianHe is also the name of a River and a district in China

Its circumfluence nature is rushing, advancing and not sluggish, it’s tough and moderate nature is seemingly natural.

If Shen Zi Chen is complete and Gui protrudes, its intensity would be overly strong (rushing) and cannot be kept under control.

It is like the Eastern sea originates at the Heavenly River, becomes a water disaster, if this is encountered in Life, if there’s neither wealth nor authority presents, what will be the disaster!

To combine with Ding and transform into Wood, and then birth Ding Fire again, this can be said to be affectionate; it can control Bing fire, would not let it take away the love of Ding, thus it is dutiful husband and become compassionate ruler.

About the nine summers, it is the fire and earth Qi of Si, Wu, Wei and Shen months, which get Ren water to be fumigated to become rain and dew, thus even it follows Fire and Earth, they have not tried not to be aiding each other.

Ren is Yang water

Connect to river, refer to the Heavenly River, ChangSheng at Shen, Shen is at the mouth of the heavenly River, which is also at Kun direction, Ren water at this place, can exhaust the somber / desolate Qi of the west, that is why it has the virtue of tough and moderation.

百川之源,周流不滞,易进 而难退也。
As the source of hundreds of rivers, it is circumfluent; it is easy to get in but difficult to get out.

If Shen, Zi and Chen is complete, and Gui water protrudes, its intensity would be overflowing, even with Wu and Ji earth to bound, still its flow cannot be stopped, if it is forcefully control, it would inadvertently become a water disaster, wood must be used to exhaust, follow the flow of its Qi, and not to be clashed and rushed.

合丁化木, 又能生火,不息之妙,化则有情也。
To combine with Ding and transform into wood, wood can birth fire, it has the wonder of not extinguished, and that is affection.

Born in the fourth, fifth and sixth month, in the pillars Fire and Earth are both prosperous, there’s no other metal and water to help.

If fire is prosperous and protrudes to the stems, then it follows fire. If earth is prosperous and protrudes to the stems, then it follows earth. It is harmonious and smoothing, they assists each other.

Di Tian Sui on Gui Water

Gui water is extremely weak, reaches to TianJin. To gets dragon to be luck, 功化斯神 (someone please find out what this means). It is not worried of Fire earth, it does not discuss Geng and Xin. Combining with Wu meeting fire, the transformation image is true.

Trey: 天津is a city in China, it could also refers to a star 天津星, a representation of extreme Yin. 天津 could also refers to a river.

功化斯神 literal translation

功 job, job that is done, power, ability, capability

化 transform

斯 this

神 god

斯神 could be a phrase and refers to something but I could not find its meaning.

Gui water is purely Yin and extremely weak, that is because 扶桑 FuShang has weak water.

Reaches to TianJin, follows Heaven’s given luck, obtains dragon and it becomes cloud and rain, can nourish creations, 功化斯神

凡柱中有甲乙寅卯,皆能运水气,生木制 火,润土养金,定为贵格,火土虽多不畏。
If the pillars have Jia, Yi, Yin and Mao, all can move the water Qi, can birth wood and control fire, can moisten earth and cultivate metal, set as noble structures, even with abundant fire earth it is not afraid.

Trey: 火土 can refer to fiery earth (Wei and Xu) or Fire and Earth, I guess in this context it means Fire and Earth

As for Geng metal, Gui water does not rely on Geng metal to birth, but it does not mind Geng metal being abundant.

Only combining with Wu earth it transforms into fire, Wu births Yin, Gui births Mao, all belongs to the east direction, thus can birth Fire.

Such a hard saying, the place it does know does not fill up East and South (unsure of these 2 phrases), Wu earth furthest dwelling place, is Gui water utmost place, which is where the sun rises, thus it transforms into fire.

Any Wu + Gui which has Bing or Ding protrude, does not matter whether it’s prosperous or weak, in autumn or winter, all can transform into Fire, which (the transformation) is very real.

Trey: Oh really..?

Gui water is not as the saying says, water and dew, it is the water of pure Yin.

Even though it’s source (where it comes from) is long (old), it’s nature is extremely weak, it’s intensity is most still (calm, silent) it can moisten earth and cultivate metal, it can develop and raise creations, when it obtains dragon and luck, it’s changes cannot be estimated (evaluated / measured)

Trey: 功化斯神 could mean变化不测

It is said meeting dragon will cause transformation, dragon is Chen, not real dragon for it to transform.

To get dragon and transform, the god of transformation of Chen is revealed, any 10 Stems that meet Chen will have the transformation god protruding in the Stem; this principle is fixed and does not change.

不愁火土者,至弱之性,见火土多即从化矣;不论庚辛者,弱水不 能泄金气,所谓金多反浊,癸水是也。
It is not worried of fire and earth, the nature that is weakest, if encounters many fire and earth will follow and transform; it does not discuss Geng and Xin, weak water cannot exhaust Metal Qi, thus it is aid abundant metal will make water muddy, it is Gui water.

合戊见火者,阴极则阳生,戊土燥厚,柱中得丙火透露,引出化神,乃为真也。若秋冬金水旺地,纵使支遇辰龙,干透丙丁, 亦难从化,宜细详之。
To combine with Wu and transform into Fire, at the limit of Yin is the birth of Yang, Wu earth is dry and thick, in the pillars with Bing fire protruding, the transformation god was led to come out, thus it is considered as true.

若秋冬金水旺地,纵使支遇辰龙,干透丙丁, 亦难从化,宜细详之。
If in autumn and winter where metal and water is prosperous, even when Chen dragon is on the branch, and Bing and Ding protrude, it is difficult to follow, it is better to be analyzed in detail.

Trey: Liu BoWen says one thing; Ren TieQiao says another thing…

Fundamentally, Gui is the most Yin of the stems, and has the highest tendency to transform and follow.


  1. Hi Trey,

    To gets dragon to be luck, 功化斯神 (someone please find out what this means)."

    In my opinion it says:

    It gets to the dragon to have luck*, transforming achievements, meritious deeds into divine (神 shén).

    * In Di Tian Sui Jiyao, 得龙而运 is mentioned as 龍德而運 (dragon-virtue and luck).

    Of course it still remains cryptic. :)

  2. Perhaps it is "divine" because it can nourish all beings (能润泽万物).

  3. Hi Simon,

    I think I now understand the phrase 斯神, other literature use the phrase to refer to the transformation god.

    To get dragon and Luck, complete the work of the transformation god.

    It might refer to the saying 逢龙则化, meeting dragon, transformation will happen.
    I have also read that as Chen contains Wu, Yi and Gui, Wu Gui in Heaven will induce the transformation within Chen and changes everything to fire and earth. In other words, if Gui sees Wu, with Chen it will either transform (fire) or follow (earth), and it is difficult to retain its original image (water)

  4. Hi,

    Reading the text in this way the expressions become clear. Thanks for the explanation.