Friday, November 1, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 官煞混杂 Devil and Officer mixed

When a chart has both Officer and Devil, it is called 'mixed', only Wealth and Seal can be used, if there's no Wealth in the natal chart, seeing Wealth in Luck would be successful, largely, Self must be strong to take on the Wealth, if Self is weak with Officer and Devil mixed, mostly denotes short life or poverty.

If Self is prosperous, it's good to have restraint, if there's no restraint, forming a Seal structure to transform Devil is also ok.

The poem says: When Officer and Devil are together, chart is difficult to be read, the 'news' from the chart has to be analyzed carefully, prosperous Self that has support from the season should be categorized into either light or heavy, noble and wealth have to be distinguished clearly.


Gui     Bing      Bing      Ren
Si       Chen     Wu       Chen

Self and Devil are both prosperous, Officer follows Wu and transformed, Virtue and Elegance are equipped.


Gui       Ding        Ren       Ding
Mao     Wei          Zi          Hai

Ding follows Ren and transformed, Hai-Mao-Wei meeting forms a frame, Water and Wood are wonderfully clear. 


Jia          Xin          Ji           Jia
Wu         You        Si           Wu

Xin DM uses Si Bing as Officer, Ding from 2 Wu EBs as Devil, favors being prosperous with focused 'Lu' (Xin sitting on Lu), Si and You form a frame, that triumphed over Devil, even without restraint, earlier LP goes West, Self is at advantage because it's prosperous, thus is noble.

Devil and Officer mixed should not be regarded as 'lowly' when analyzing the '3 Lifes' 

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