Saturday, November 16, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - Special structure 稼穑 - Earth dominant structure

Sowing (grain) and harvesting.

The odes say: Wu and Ji gladly seeing the final months of the four seasons, it takes the name of Sowing and Harvesting.

That is Wu and Ji seeing the final month of the season, likes to meet wood as Officer, but there can be only one wood, abundant wood earth would be insubstantial, denotes tricky and hypocritical, a person that destroys family and is not benevolent.

The place where earth gathers Chen and Wei, seeing Si and Wu fire is noble, but many is no beneficial, as abundant fire parch the earth, it cannot nourish creations.

The earth of Chou and Xu, it carries metal Qi within, it should not be seen repeatedly, it is feared that they contain devil Qi, cannot engender creations, also it is not beneficial to see metal to exhaust Qi, not noble.

Earth of Autumn that is inutile is dead earth, as it contains metal inside, Earth of Winter that is inutile is mud earth, as it contains water inside, thus only the final month of the seasons earth (is utile).

Poem says: Wu and Ji is good to be born in the final months of the four seasons, it should guard against Chou and Xu that contains bad metal Qi,  born to seeing wood or meeting glimmer (fire), its news is truly glorious and noble.

Also: Wu and Ji born to the four months, Chen Xu Chou Wei must all be completely seen, likes to go through Wealth places but not Officer or Devil. when Luck goes to East it is surely inauspicious. 


  1. This article is only talking about Earth DM born in Chen , Xu , Chou , Wei month right?

    Not about follow vibrant structure?

  2. This article talks about 稼穑格, Sowing Harvesting Structure. It's an Earth DM with a complete earth frame Chen-Xu-Chou-Wei.

    This is often called 独象, the solitary image, when one element command most of the Qi in a chart. Some books refer this as 一方秀气, the elegant Qi from one direction.

    A chart like this favors its own Qi, Seal, Wealth and very weak authority.

  3. How often do we get 4 earths? Most of the time is 2 earth, 2 fire with an HO penetrate w/o any authority. Does it qualify?

  4. Not often, but it happens. Without complete Chen Xu Chou Wei, it cannot be this structure.

    1. my branches are all earth.Im confused about follow son structure as some texts claim that DM doesnt have to be weak,so long theres no major resource,but others claim this is inconsistente with the basic idea that follow types must be extremely weak.
      see my own exemple
      ding ding xin xin
      wei wei chou chou 9 jan 1962