Monday, November 4, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - Special structure 炎上 Fire dominant structure

Flaming Above, describe the nature of fire that is always above the material that is burning.

Bing or Ding day seeing Yin-Wu-Xu frame, there must be Yin EB in the pillars as Seal to be qualified as this structure, if there's no Yin then it's only a common person that is close to noble, if Fire is self prosperous, without Hai water to aid mutually, is not noble.

Favors North-Eastern Luck, does not favor seeing Chen, Chou, Wu and Ji, as they extinguish the bright light of fire, denotes eye ailments, or rheumatism, if there's wood to counter it becomes noble, dreads places of Water and Metal and fears clash.

The poem says: Bing Ding day sits on Yin-Wu-Xu, Fire blazing above structure is derived from this, Without Yin or Hai it gets no reputation, dreads seeing Earth to extinguish it denotes disability and ailment.


  1. Dear Trey,

    “Bing or Ding day seeing Yin-Wu-Xu frame, there must be Yin EB in the pillars as Seal to be qualified as this structure, if there's no Yin then it's only a person of the 9 schools of thought that is closed to being noble, (meaning people of different backgrounds), if Fire is self prosperous, without water to aid mutually, is not noble”.

    I don’t get this. If it is a Fire dominant structure why would water make the chart noble? Also the last para- with yin or hai will not have reputation. If the chart does not have Yin, Hai, Wu and Xu will not be considered as Fire dominant. So does it mean SMTH believes, Bing DM without Jia wood will not have reputation?

  2. Dear Joe,

    There were some typo, I corrected them. It's only Hai water but I have no idea why Hai water will make the chart noble. SFTK and XPHH say nothing Hai water, but SFTK mentions that it's unfavorable for Fire in Flaming Above structure to be excessive. Most favorable for Flaming Above structure is for fire to be 虚 'fake' i.e born in Yin and blazing (meeting Yin-Wu-Xu or Si-Wu-Wei).

    Well, Flaming Above structures have grades too just like normal structures, according to SMTH, the best grade Flaming Above structure has Yin and Hai. Otherwise it's just an average structure.

  3. How about Wei month fire? Does it count si wu wei frame? or isit Wei month disqualify?


  4. Dear randy,

    For this to be a fire dominant chart is unlikely, Wei is more wood than fire because of the presence of Mao on its left and right.

    It does not matter if the DM is born on the month of Wei, as long as Si and Wu are present. Fire turns dominant. The fire frame Si Wu Wei has to be complete.

  5. Thanks for ur input. From your opinion what are the usefuls god for this type of chart? Its still vibrant right, just that its a lower form of vibrant structure.

    1. What is the day of birth of this chart? In the month of Wei, Fire Qi is in decline, if the month command is wood, it's most possibly a Seal structure, if it is Earth, then it's an Food structure, if it's fire, it could be vibrant (in modern terms)

    2. Month of Wei, Seal and Self penetrating. Fire DM who gets the hour. 87' july 17

      In your opinion whats the useful god? Female who start off as autumn cycle but only do average, entering winter cycles in future which can complete full frame of wood. Some sifu says she did not get the correct order of luck.

    3. 11th day after minor heat, wood has command, this is a true Seal structure. Favors Direct Officer to engender Seal and deities of same polarity as DM to protect Seal. Fears Wealth breaking the Seal. Wood Seal structure favors more Seals, regardless DM is strong or weak.

      Xin Hai has Wealth deity covers head 盖头,the full wood frame Hai Mao Wei would be suppressed by the metal, but all the parallel deities will come to rescue the wood Seal, all the gods Seal, Wealth and Parallel will be in harmony and become useful. Xin Hai is the pillar to success 发。

    4. Thanks.
      "Wood Seal structure favors more Seals, regardless DM is strong or weak." Specifically for fire DM using wood as seal. How about the other 4 DMs?

    5. Hi randy,

      More information is contained in this entry

  6. Hi Trey,

    I have this specimen of female chart, can this qualify? Golden age LP is Si Wu Wei.

    Bing Ding Bing Geng
    Wu Si Xu Wu

  7. Hi Ericka,

    Since Xu is in combination with Wu forming a half fire frame, this is possibly a flaming above structure.

  8. Hi Trey Tan,

    In regard to this structure, what is really good about this structure? And whether the following can be considered as special structure?

    Bing Ding Ding Ding
    Wu. Hai. Wei. Si.

    Kindly advise

  9. There's nothing really special about these 'special structures'. If the structure is complete, 格成, the person will most possibly enjoy a good life (rich with high position in the society) and vice versa. The same as all normal structures.

    That's a fire dominating structure. Mind telling me if that is your birth chart?