Monday, November 4, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - Special structure 从革 Metal dominant structure

Follow formation describes the nature of metal that can be forged into the desired form.

Geng and Xin Day seeing Si You Chou frame, must have one or two Bing / Ding / Si / Wu, only will it become useful, but Fire must not be many.

The days of Xin Si, Xin You and Xin Chou do not like to be born in the fifth month, as it will be injured by fire, it favors the eighth month or being nourished by Water and Earth as Food God or Seal to be auspicious.

The poem says: White Tiger seeing Si-You-Chou, structure like Follow Formation and reputation is inclined to be thick, when it sees few Bing, Ding, Si and Wu, it's noble Qi will be forged to become Officer (a government position) that is most long-lasting.

Also: Metal resides in Follow Formation is a noble and respected person, the structure that is pure and high has very deep fortune, if fire comes in the four pillars to contaminate, as empty door (becoming a monk), art (being an artist) or a quack it be discussed.

Update: 14 December 2013

Just today I saw the BaZi chart of Paul Walker, who just passed away recently. His chart is said to be:

Gui        Xin         Xin         Gui
Si         Hai          You        Chou

If this were true, the chart must have been a Follow Formation structure. 

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