Monday, November 18, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - 论倒食 Discuss Indirect Seal

Trey: 倒食 DaoShi - literally 'reversed eating', reversed food or throwing away food, is a name given to the element that engenders DM of the same polarity. The term is the opposite of 顺食 ShunShi, which is 'eating' in the direction of engendering, e.g Jia eats Bing eats Wu etc.  like DM Jia seeing Ren or DM Bing seeing Jia. The name of this god carries a negative implication, as it counters 食神 Food God (Indirect Seal is the 7K of Food God), which represent Food. If DM Jia has an edible (usable) Bing Food, seeing a Ren 'Pouring Food' is like having the food disposed, DM no longer has food to eat.

Pouring Food is a name for Indirect Seal, another name is Swallowing Eating Devil, it is fearful to be seen by Food God.

Like Jia engenders Bing Fire as Food, fire can engender Earth, as the Wealth of Jia, when Wealth is prosperous it engenders Metal, which is the Officer for Jia, so if Food God is born prosperous, Wealth and Officer are both available.

Trey: Although Wealth and Officer might be absent from the natal chart, the prosperous Food will engender obscured Wealth and Officer, these obscured entities are usable although they are absent from the chart.

Like Jia seeing Ren as Pouring Food, prosperous Ren will counter Bing Fire, when Bing is countered, it cannot engender Wealth, Jia has no Wealth; Ding combines with Ding, which hurts Xin of Jia (Xin is Jia's officer), and Jia has no Officer; when Bing is countered away by Ren, Geng Devil will get peace (because Bing is the 7K for Geng), and it can harm Jia wood, and this creates misfortune for Jia. Thus, it is said that for a chart that has Food as the Useful God, it is most dreadful to see Pouring Food.

When a chart carries Pouring Food, it denotes thin blessings and short life, if there is restraint or combination like

Jia DM seeing Ren Chen, Ren Xu, within Chen and Xu contain Earth to restrain and Ding to combine.

Yi day seeing Gui Wei, Gui Chou, within Chou and Wei there's Ji to restrian Gui

Bing day seeing Jia Shen

Ding day seeing Yi Si, Yi You

Wu day seeing Bing Zi, Bing Shen, Bing Chen

Ji day seeing Ding Hai

Geng day seeing Wu Yin, Wu Chen


Xin day seeing Ji Mao, Ji Hai

Ren day seeing Geng Wu, Geng Xu

Gui day seeing Xin Si, Xin Wei

For these, the Indirect Seal cannot be harmful to Food, as it is countered and restrained.

Self is prosperous within the pillars, with Wealth and Officer both engendered, they can be taken as blessings to support Self, Yang DM seeing this can obscurely combine with Hurting Officer to engender Wealth, Yin DM seeing this can obscurely combine Wealth star, if there's no Food within the pillars, it shall be analyzed as Indirect Seal only.

Trey: Obscure combination means one of the entity that is involved in the combination is absent.

Like for example if Jia DM is prosperous and it has prosperous Ren Indirect Seal, with the absence of Bing , Ren can obscurely combine with a missing element Ding to bring the influence Ding Hurting Officer into the chart, this 'hidden' Hurting Officer is as prosperous as Ren that brings its influence out and it acts like a true hurting Officer, where it can engenders Wealth and harm the Officer star.

If a prosperous Yi DM sees a prosperous Gui, Gui can obscurely combine with Wu earth which is Wealth for Yi DM and brings the influence of Wealth into the chart.

For this reason, if a chart has no Wealth, which represent wife for a man, we can analyze how 'clear' or prosperous is the Seal star and how it can 'obscurely combine' with the Wealth star. In other words, we analyze the Seal star as wife for a Yin DM man. Other missing entities can be analyzed this way.

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