Monday, November 25, 2013

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps

SYDB is a very old poem from an unknown time and author. As it is contained in YHZP, it is safe to be assumed that SYDB is older than the time of Xu DaSheng of Tang dynasty. The texts are considered to be authoritative by literature. It is cryptic and requires quite a bit of classical knowledge to be understood. Here's my attempt at translating and interpreting:

Where was it before heave? where was it after heaven, (one) has to know where it comes from, then (one) can know where it goes.

Four pillars are arranged and determined, Three talents are distinguished; Day Stem as the Master, matches with the Origin time.

Three talents refers to Heaven, Earth and Human - the classical representation of the three talents are

Heaven - Heavenly Stems
Earth - Earthly Branches
Human - Nayin (The Qi that connects Heaven and Earth)

Modern interpretation of Human is the hidden stems under the Earth. 

Origin 元  refers to Heavenly Origin, the daymaster and Earthly Origin, the Month EB, while 'time' refers to the Year, Month, Day and Hour of the person's birth. 

ShenSha (Gods and Devils) keep company, lightness and heaviness are measured; firstly, look at the month's command, discuss structure for analysis.

Gods refer to the benevolent Gods - Wealth, Officer, Seal and Food. Devils refer to the malevolent ones - Hurting Officer, Devil, Owl and Blade.

The text stresses the importance of month command and chart structure.

With Day as the Master, focus discussion on Wealth and Officer, tell the difference between the noble and the lowly, wonderful methods are many.

Classical Bazi has always focused more on Wealth and Officer, Officer especially is regarded as the leader of the 10 Gods. These 2 are highly favorable as they denotes wealth and nobility.

Single and it is easy to take, messy and it is difficult to understand, to be away or to be kept, (when one) analyzes the structures (he/she) needs to be proficient. 

Single denotes a single deity in the month command, thus only one Useful God. In this case chart reading becomes relatively easy.

Messy is when there are more than one Gods that reside in the month command and the chart has many deities competing for the command. In this case, it is difficult to analyze the chart.

To be away refers to - to be countered away like Yi is countered away by Xin, or to be combined away, like Yi is combined away by Geng.

To be continued.. 


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