Monday, November 4, 2013

BaZi: SMTH - Special structure 曲直 Wood dominant structure

Bent and straight describe the nature of Wood, some plants climb with their vines (bent) and some trees grow straight with their trunks. Hence the name Bent and straight. (I don't think the 'Bent' is a good translation but you get the idea')

Ji or Yi Day having Hai-Mao-Wei frame, there must be Hai in the pillars to carry Seal to be qualified, if there's not Hai but there's Mao, that is only the original Qi of wood, thus it needs Metal and Earth to be noble, if there's neither Hai nor Metal nor Earth, that wood is not elegant or solid, it's difficult to be said to be noble.

Like Jia Yin day has Hai, on the hour sees Ding Mao, Rob Wealth, YangRen, Hurting Officer, even if it's noble it's not totally qualified as this structure

The poem says: Jia or Yi day sees Hai-Mao-Wei, the complete frame makes Bent and Straight glorious and noble, when there's no Hai in the four pillars, Earth and Metal are beneficial, the person is born to enjoy blessings.

Also it says: Jia and Yi person with Yin Mao Chen, it is also named Benevolence and Longevity as both can be ascribed, when Hai - Mao - Wei is complete, the white emperor is feared (metal), meeting Kan place one will be glorious.

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