Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Time Measurement: SMTH: 论日刻 Discussing Day Quarter (ke)

That day, is one daytime and one nighttime with 12 hours. They are separated equally to be a day, the wise invented copper kettle that stores water, the water leak into the arrow of the kettle, those arrows are divided into a hundred ke (quarter) to be measured. (This apparently talks about the water clock)

Even though the sun and moon become dark and then bright and this will never change, that in one day there are terms of a hundred ke.

Having 6 Qi gone through denotes one Year, thus one Qi denotes 60 days and 87.5 ke, that the time for changing Qi has early and late.

In winter and summer the lengths of days are different. That day and night pushes and moves each other, and the time for sunrise and sunset is different, but that ends at a hundred ke, the ke where Qi changes is not moved.

The Year of Jia Zi,

The first Qi begins at the ke after water leaks (from the water clock), ends at 87.5 ke, which is the middle of true Zi.

The second Qi begins afterwards at 87.5 ke and ends at 75 ke, which is the true Xu and 4 ke.

Third Qi begins afterwards at 76 ke and ends at 62.5 ke, which is the middle of true You

The fourth Qi begins afterwards at 62.5 ke, ends at 51 ke, which is the true Wei and 4 ke.

Fifth Qi begins afterwards at 51 ke and ends at 37.5 ke, which is the middle of true Wu.

Sixth Qi begins at 37.5 ke and ends at 25 ke, as the true Chen with 4 ke.

This is the measurement of year for the heavenly cycle, the remaining ke is given into Yi Chou Year's first Qi, and this continues to Wu Chen year, where the First Qi begins again at the next ke water water leaks, that 4 years is one small cycle.

Thus Shen Zi and Chen meets (form a frame) is (because of) this.

The first Qi of Si-You-Chou, all begins at 26 ke

The first Qi of Yin-Wu-Xu, all begins at 51 ke

The first Qi of Hai-Mao-Wei, all begins at 76 ke

The Qi that begins at the same ke, thus is it called the three combination, the basis comes from this (phenomenon)

15 small cycles make one great cycle, that is 60 years.

SanCheYiLan (a book) (states that) with Shen as the birth of water, Zi as the prosperity of water and Chen as the storage of water, so Shen Zi Chen make the triple combination

But did not know that it is because the Qi begins at the same ke, that is the natural wonder of heavenly ways. 

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