Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BaZi: ZPZQ - To combine or not to combine?

The meaning of combination and transformation is already explained in the previous chapter, but still there are cases where combination is actually not combining, why?

That is because they are separated, sort of like (two) people liking each other, but there's someone else in between, so the matching will not have result. For example Jia combines with Ji, but in between there's Geng, how can Jia pass through Geng that counter itself to combine with Ji? This naturally restrains the intensity, combine but does not dare to combine, the combination is there but actually it's not there.

Also, it could be that they are separated by a distance, like Jia on Year stem while Ji is on hour stem, even though their hearts are getting along well, but the distance is too far, like people on southern heaven and northern earth, cannot be together like normal, and this relative to the one that is restrain has some difference, combine but cannot combine, half combine, it's auspiciousness or inauspiciousness becomes like 20 to 30% only.

Also, there's combination that does not injure the combined entity, why? like Jia born of Yin and Mao, on Month and Hour protrude 2 Officers, so the Year Bing would combine with the Month Xin, one is combined and another is left. Officer star has become lighter.

Trey: 2 Officer stars is inauspicious.

Jia born in the month of Blade (Mao), where Geng and Xin are protruding together, Bing combines with Xin is 'combining Officer leaving Devil', so Devil + Blade complete the structure, that it is not injured by the combination.

Also, there are combination that is not regarded as combination, why? as they involve combining with Self (DM)

That is 5 Yangs seeing Wealth, 5 Yins meeting Officer, although they matches, it involves Self and thus it is not regarded as 'combined away'

For example Ji DM uses Geng Officer, the DM of Yi matches with Geng Officer, that is my Officer, my combination.

What does it mean by 'combined away'?, If Geng is on Year stem while another Yi is on month Stem, that Geng will combine with Yi on the month Stem, and DM would have nothing to combine, that is called 'combined away'

As woman uses Officer as husband, Ding DM seeing Ren, it's my husband, my combination, it's like husband and wife loving each other, that relationship becomes closer.

It fears that Ren is on the month stem while another Ding is on the Year stem, then Ding DM cannot combine, that is like my husband is being combined away by my sister, the Officer that is protruding is like not protruding.

When the affection of the Useful God is not towards the DM, or when the affection of the DM is not towards the Useful God, these are not beautiful unions.

Also there are sayings of 'rivalry combination' or 'jealousy combination', what is it?

Like 2 Bings combining with Xin, 2 Dings combining with Ren, one husband cannot take 2 wives, one woman cannot marry 2 husbands, that is why they say 'rivalry combination' and 'jealousy combination'.

There is intention to combine, but the affection is not exclusive.

If there's 2 combining one but is separated by a distance, it has no rivalry or jealousy.


Yi     Jia     Yi     Geng
Hai   Zi      You   Wu

Two Yis combining with Geng, one is separated by Jia DM, thus is a chart of Grand Commander Gao. This should be analyzed as 'Combining with Devil, leaving Officer' does not discount any blessings.


  1. Hi,

    thanks so much for the cool blog!
    "Jia born in the month of Blade (Mao),"
    should it not be rather You than Mao (because You is like a blade)?

    best regards

  2. Hi arne

    Thank you for reading,

    Blade 刃 refers to YangRen 阳刃 (literally the Blade of Yang, as in Yin and Yang), which for Jia DM is the month of Mao.

    You is the Blade for Geng DM.

    Hope you like the blog!

    best regards

  3. Hi Trey,

    Recently found out about your blog - been learning alot.
    Does gui and wu combine in the below chart?

    gui gui ding wu
    chou hai si chen

    It looks like gui and wu combine to create bing/ding. What does this mean for the useful wealth god? To make things complex there are travel horse, nobleman and solitude stars in si that clashes with hai which has yang ren star. How do you read this male's chart?