Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The 10 days that transform

I came across a little piece of information in YHZP a few days ago when I was researching about Transformation Structure.

This is quoted from 杂论口诀 in YHZP

Transformation, there are 10 days:

Jia Shen
Yi You
Geng Yin
Xin Mao
Ren Wu
Gui Wei
Bing Zi
Ding Chou
Wu Wu
Ji Chou

Even the BaZi is not under any structure (common), Fortune still is over-flowing

There are other Qi of blessings, virtues and elegance, each with its own heaven, earth, deities and spirits

This means transformation structure has its own set of rules that is different from the common structures

For transformation structure, real transformation, one become duke or high ministers; fake transformation, one is an orphan or carry a different surname (like adopted child)

Don't forget DTS says: 孤儿异姓能出类, orphans or adopted children can be outstanding.

Which means a fake transformation structure can also be successful like true transformation structure.

Seeing dragon will change (transform), flying dragon in the sky, easy to see virtuous men.

This sentence is YiJing, some people interpret this as a good time to act. Though I am not entirely sure what it means. I think that when a transformation or fake transformation structure sees the EB Chen, transformation structure becomes auspicious. It is a good time to act for improvement. 

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