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Bazi : Royalties - Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge

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Yi DM born in the mid of Summer with Bing protruding on the Month and Hour HS. Wu and Xu form a partial Fire frame, strengthening the Fire on the HS.

This is a very distinct Hurting Officer structure.

The protruding Ren is extremely auspicious in the Year Pillar (which also denotes ancestors). Ren Direct Seal counters the two Hurting Officers Bing, giving the chart the structure 伤官佩印  ShangGuanPeiYin (SGPY) - Hurting Officer adorns with Seal.

According to the old books, a high grade SGPY structure has the following criteria.

1. 伤官旺 - Prosperous Hurting Officer
Hurting Officer is undoubtedly strong in  Prince William's chart, Fire being in DiWang stage in the middle of summer and supported by partial Fire frame.

2. 印根深 - Strongly Rooted Seal
Seal Ren is strongly rooted in Hai, which is the LinGuan stage.

3. 身稍弱 - Self is a little weak
Self is a little weak, the only supporting Qi is from the day EB, which is the ChangSheng stage for Wood.

Apparently, this chart meets all three criteria that makes it a very high grade SGPY structure.

What is more wondrous, is that the Yi wood is being born in Summer and meets water. This is termed 夏木逢润, Summer wood seeing water (to nourish).

Summer wood being nourished by water, its elegance is a hundred-times fold, that is why it is a first class noble.

A SGPY structure dislikes Wealth, favors Authority and Seal. Outputs LPs are neutral. 

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