Friday, October 10, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 7


Analyze in detail each structure, 7K should be regarded as (most) important, transform 7K into authority, why worry about damaging the (Use)ful god.

A set  of BaZi can have more than 1 structure. It can have 2 structures, 3 structure or even 4 structures. The more structure it has, the less clear it is. A good grade Bazi must be clear '清'. 

As 杂论 ZaLun says:


One structure or two structures, if not high ministers then should be ministers;
Three structures or four structures, Wealth and Officer are not pure,  If not LiZu (the guards at the courtroom) then mostly is commoner.

In case of a chart having more than 1 structures, and one of the structures is 7K, 7K should be analyzed first, as it is the most important.

 'Transform 7K into authority' refers to using 7K in the correct way, for example to use Food to control 7K, or Seal to transform 7K or YR to withstand 7K. 

When the 7K star is correctly used. It really does not matter what happen to the Useful God of the Month EB.

YHZP says: 官杀混杂要制伏 

Officer and Devil mixed has to be control and restrained.

As we know Officer cannot be restrained. That results in a broken structure. But in this case, 7K has to be restrained and accordingly, Officer is disregarded.

Another famous saying with the similar meaning is a phrase in 五言独步 WuYanDuBu


If there is Devil, Devil should be discussed first. If there is no Devil, the Use(ful) God can be discussed.;
When the Devil star is gotten rid of, it does not fear the heaviness of the outline (Month EB)

We always say that the outline (Month EB) is heavy 提纲有用提纲重.

That is to emphasize the importance of Month Commander i.e YueLing and how chart structures and Useful Gods should be derived from the Month EB. Everything else should be disregarded when Useful Gods reside in the month EB. But in the case of 7K, month EB should be secondary although it is heavy.

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