Thursday, December 12, 2013

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 3

五行生旺,不怕刑囚;东西南北,数尽方休。Five elements born prosperous, does not fear punishment or imprisonment, east west south and north, direction where the count ends is at rest.

Trey: Five elements refers to the DM and all the gods in the chart. Being born prosperous or having Qi is an advantage because when LP goes to the places where the element is 'dead' or 'extinct', it can still function well.

Yin-Shen-Si-Hai, the structures of 4 births; usable substances and self prosperous, meeting this is successful

Trey: Yin, Shen, Si and Hai are 4 places where elements are born, Yin is the birthplace of fire and earth, Shen of water (and earth), Si of metal and Hai of wood. Usable substances refer to Useful Gods, for example earth born in Shen can use Wealth, fire born in Shen can use Officer. Wealth and Officer gets ChangSheng Qi from the Month EB and together with a strong DM, the chart becomes a good structure. 

Chen-Xu-Chou-Wei, the gods of 4 storages; the Human Origin gets 3 uses, protrusion and prosperous are regarded as true. 

Trey: This verse talks about DM born in the month of the earth, all 3 Qis contained in the earth can be used when they protrude and they are prosperous.

Take for example Jia born in Xu, Xu contains earth as the main Qi, which is Wealth, metal as the residual Qi, which is Officer and fire as storage Qi which is the output. The true Useful God is the one that protrudes or is prosperous. 

Zi-Wu-Mao-You, the structures of 4 defeats'; committed by men denotes rise and fall. committed by women denotes loneliness.

Trey: I have no idea why it is like this. 


  1. Hi Trey,

    si yan du bu is made up of four words verses that compressed a concept(s) together. Because it is so simplified, we can interpret it in many ways.

    For example,

    Your quote: Yin-Shen-Si-Hai, the structures of 4 births; usable substances and self prosperous, meeting this is successful

    Can also be: Yin-Shen-Si-Hai, a structure with 4 births; usable substances (is attained) when self is prosperous, meeting this is successful.


  2. Hi relic,

    That is very true, the author compressed so much into such a small body of text. The text is supposedly very old.

    I rely on my understanding to interpret, there is high possibility of misinterpretation. Could never know.


  3. Hi Trey,

    You misunderstood me. You did a great job in all the interpretations. I was merely suggestig that there could be more than one interpretation.


  4. Hi relic,

    Well, :-D

    Sorry that I misunderstood you, it actually true that my interpretation might not be correct. I don't know enough to understand everything written in the text so I am not very confident with my own interpretation.