Sunday, December 1, 2013

BaZi: Athletes - David Beckham

Rank #8 by Forbes magazine as the highest earning athlete this year. Total earning of USD 43m as of June 2013

Birth data:

David Beckham - total earning USD 47m
Born 2 May 1975 at 06:17 at London England - LAT: 5:19am

1. Wu DM born in late spring.

2. Yi protruding from Month Decree is a Direct Officer structure

3. Having 2 Direct Officer protruding is 重官, Repeated Officer - a broken structure.

4. Officer on the Year Pillar is combined away by Food Geng, leaving only the Officer at the hour pillar. This 'clears' up the chart. Food God saves the chart from being broken. Food God is very affectionate.

5. Useful God -> Officer, strongly rooted in Year and Hour EB,  Minister God -> Food, strongly rooted in Shen day EB and well supported by Chen month EB. DM sits on Shen with residual Earth Qi and gets the support of month command earth Qi from Chen.

6. In spouse palace sits the Minister God - Food

7. In career palace sits the Useful God - Officer

8. The next LP Bing Zi sees Bing Owl God, fortunately the Owl has no support from Zi.

9. Why are some people born with a good natal chart with a set of good LPs? and above all the good looks? The world is not fair.


  1. Hi,
    Would 2022 during Ren Yin AP and Bing Zi LP be a bad year for the chart holder?
    The Shen Zi Chen activated by the Ren in the HS clashing with the Bing.
    Resource and Wealth clashing.
    Also the next year Gui Mao.

    1. Hi,

      I think Bing will have no effect to minimal effect on the chart, like you said, the water movement would counter the Owl. As for Gui year, it's more likely a good year. Officer with Wealth favors Seal, Officer with Seal favors Wealth.

  2. Hi,
    The Mao represent Kong Wang for Wu Shen DM.
    This chart does not seems to suffer from having two KW in the natal chart.

    1. Hi again,

      KongWang is a controversial topic, as far as I know there are 2 methods to derive KongWang, some says the Yang pillar will use the Yang KongWang while the Yin pillars will use the Yin KongWang. Because Wu Shen is a Yang pillar, KW is likely to fall in Yin.

      Another method says for the first 5 pillars in the series Jia Chen to Wu Shen, use Yin as KongWang, while for the other five pillars Ji You to Gui Chou, use Mao as KongWang.

      Either way, Yi Mao is not the true KongWang for Wu Shen pillar. I am not good with this concept but I know WXJJ talks a lot about KongWang, please refer here:

  3. 2001 Xin Si year with Xin as the Hurting Officer hurting the Officer structure.

    The year his free kick against Greece got England in the World Cup and he won sports personality of the year.

    Collects another Premiership title with Manchester United in May 2001.

    HIGH - Scores last-minute free-kick equaliser in 2-2 draw against Greece in October which ensures England’s World Cup qualification.

    HIGH - Voted BBC’s 2001 Sport Personality of the Year in December.

    HIGH - Runner-up behind Luis Figo for World Footballer of the Year award.

    1. Is it because the Xin is in dead Qi phase sitting on Si?
      Has no power at all the challenge the very strong Yi wood Officer.

    2. Hi again,

      I agree with you, as Si contains Bing fire metal is 不足为害 not enough to cause damage. If it were a XinYou year then it would probably be inauspicious. You know Beckham very well.


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