Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BaZi: NaYin 桑拓木 Wood of mulberry and maclura - Year Pillar Ren Zi or Gui Chou

壬子, 癸丑 桑拓木
Ren Zi, Gui Chou - Wood of mulberry and maclura

Mulberry and maclura wood, colorful with bases of taels (I have no idea what this means), silk-like root formation, the lightly sleeves of robes for the common people, the neat and lovely cloth for the saints and sages, this wood feeds the silkworm, so its uses is great.

Loves earth inside sand the most, as it can be the root foundation, also Chen and Si as places where silkworm feeds, not beneficial are punishments, clashes and breakage, roadside earth and great post earn are less auspicious, other earths are not beneficial.

As for water, it likes heavenly river, as they represent the nourishment from rain and dew, long-lastingly flowing water, stream and gorge water, well and fountain water are all reliable, but first there must be earth as the foundation, then one's fortune can be greater, ocean water floats aimlessly, without earth it represent disaster

As for fire, seeing lamp fire is most auspicious, as Chen and Si are places where silkworm feeds; inside furnace fire resides and Yin and Mao, places where wood is prosperous; Fire in heaven and lightning fire can combine and transform with the stems and branches of this wood and thus is affectionate, it has the wonder of Kan and Li copulating (???), that is auspicious, but for all fires, it is not good to be seen repetitively. 

As for metal, metal inside sand as the first, sword metal can repair this wood, thus as second, hairpin and foil metal must have earth as the foundation, if seeing clashes and breakages, it is inauspicious.

As for wood, it likes Geng Yin and Xin Mao, that is 'the weak following the strong', the little becomes great, and thus is regarded as noble structure, even without sandy earth, it is still auspicious.

Wood of flat land, wood of pomegranate, without earth is inauspicious.

Wood of great forest is South East, places where silkworm feeds, if there is earth to support, it denotes great nobility; seeing willow will result in 'mulberry and willow becoming forest', which is a noble structure, but it must be born in either spring or summer to be auspicious. 

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