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BaZi: NaYin 杨柳木 Wood of Poplars and Willows - Year Pillar Ren Wu and Gui Wei

This is a bad translation job. SMTH is sometimes difficult to understand.

壬午, 癸未 杨柳木
Ren Wu, Gui Wei - Wood of poplar and willow

Wood of Poplars and Willows, grown gracefully by the canals of Sui (dynasty), lives gracefully in the in the parks of Han (dynasty), ten thousands of silky thread that is not silkworm, thousands of belts (actually 带 refers to a piece of clothing that is long, like belt or necktie) that is not sewn, Wu and Wei as places where wood dies and goes into tomb, Ren and Gui are nourishments for wood.

For the root foundation of this wood, only Sandy Earth is good, seeing Gen (8gua) mountain would have to rely on swaying metal (??), seeing eastern places like Yin and Mao would be obtaining the earth (getting support)

Xin Chou has mountain, Geng Zi is not as well; Wu Yin even though is auspicious, Ji Mao is much better;

Bing Chen and Ding Si dislike Xu and Hai clashing.

If seeing Great Post (earth), Chou as the relay station besides the mountain, it is okay, if this earth is seen without Chou, it denotes dying young or lowliness.

If roadside has a place, and going through 'Death' and 'Tomb' consecutively, seeing this on day and hour pillar, represent an inferior and weak person.

Earth of House, Ren Wu seeing Ding Hai, When Ding and Ren combine and transform, it is auspicious, Bing Xu is not the same.

Water, seeing Well and Spring water, Long Flowing water, Great River water and Nourishing Under water are all auspicious, if there's combination within, it is more auspicious.

Bing Wu and Ding Wei, bing Ding are real Fire, Wu and Wei are also fire, when this wood arrives at Wu and Wei, it is 'Death' and 'Tomb', Ren Wu seeing this is greatly inauspicious, with Gui, there's some difference, when water is helping, there's no harm.

This wood already has fire in Wu and Wei, seeing more fires probably will injure lifespan, Lamp fire Yi Si has wind, wood can be broken, denotes short life.

Inside Furnace fire Yin and Mao as wood's original place, when wood is prosperous it is in turn, aupicious; Lightning Fire is like Ren Wu seeing Ji chou, Gui Wei seeing Wu Zi, Yin and Yang meeting each other, with Sand Earth as foundation, denotes nobility, if Zi, Wu, Chou and Wei are clashing, then it is not auspicious.

As for metal, when wood sees metal there's no goodness, Hairpin and bracelet, Gold Foil would like to be successful,Ocean, Wax, Sword, Sand are dreadful to be seen, to analyze these would need to look at 'Lu' (Officer), Gui (Nobility Noblemen), De (Virtuos Noblemen) or Sha (Devils), if this wood sees Pine Wood, it becomes a structure that 'shed off its body and transformed', denotes nobility.

With Mulberry Wood, Chou can be the mountain, Willow can depend on Mulberry and they become forest, denotes auspiciousness.

Geng Shen and Xin You wood are 'Dead' and 'Extinct', furthermore, they are countered by metal, something that is weak seeing something small, thus the person must be lowly.

The book of 'Miao Xuan' has a 'Red Flower Willow Fortune' structure, which is this Wood (Willow) seeing Pomegranate wood and is born in spring or summer, this should not be analyzed as lowly.

Also there's a structure called 'Poplars and Willows trailing on Gold', which is Willow Wood being born in 3 springs and getting only one Metal, like

Xin    Gui       Jia       Xin
Si       Mao     Zi       Hai

which is the best, which is because Ren and Gui are places of 'Fortune and Noble'.

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