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BaZi: NaYin 松柏木 Wood of pine and cypress - Year Pillar Geng Yin or Xin Mao

庚寅, 辛卯 松柏木
Geng Yin, Xin Mao - Wood of pine and cypress

(Some poetic stuff to describe pine wood)

This wood lives hidden underneath Metal, but it's located at the true east, and thus it is extremely prosperous, it likes having mountains as the foundation of its root and be nourished by water.

Heavenly river water as rain and dews can nourish this wood, nourishing under water Ding Chou belongs to mountain which can be used as the foundation, Bing Zi is not as good as Great River with Yi Mao as thunder, thus is can be glorious, but it does not like the wind impact, for fear of being broken (by the wind)

Great Ocean Water with mountain is auspicious, Gui Hai when it is clean and still is also auspicious without mountain.

If the pillars has Flat Land (Wood) and getting House Earth has already become ridge pole, does not need to use mountain and water. Otherwise the wood is wild wood in the forest, needs water and mountain.

In the chart if there's fire, Inside furnace is most inauspicious,  when it's at a place that it can be engendered, together with wind an wood, ashes fly and smoke extinguished, if water is absent, it denotes dying young.

Fire above mountain, Fire below mountain, Fire of the Sun or Fire of the lamp - these must not be offended.

Yin person especially fears Xu and Wu, Bing Yin wood does not want to rush to the south, because Yin and Wu forms a fire frame, whereas for Xin Mao it's okay.

Trey: When Bing Yin pine wood sees Wu and Xu, fire becomes overly strong. Pine Wood does not live well in hot temperature.

Lightning fire can nourish the wood but if Fire comes in the Luck Pillar, it becomes inauspicious.

As for earth, seeing Roadside Earth, it seems to be insufficient to be noble, even there is no dead wood, it's blessing can still be real;

Post Earth without mountain denotes poverty or dying young, with Ocean Water, it's even more inauspicious.

Metal seeing Yi Chou, it functions as Seal or as mountain

Foil Metal, when it's in the correct position, it prosper itself, denotes auspiciousness.

Sword Metal can be used to scrap and carve, when it get Wall Earth to complement, Pine Wood to mutually supporting, it denotes nobility.

Great Forest wood has wind, Willow will meet fire, so these 2 woods are most inauspicious.

Mulberry wood Gui Chou can function as mountain, thus it can be supportive.

Pomegranate wood is Xin You metal, it instead transform dead wood, if it's a good structure, it's auspicious.

In the book 'Miao Xuan' there's a structure called 'green pine is elegant in winter', Pine wood with its month, day and hour belong to 3 winters is regarded as noble.

also, there are 2 more structures, 'day combining with Xin Mao', and  'day towards Geng Yin', even it takes Wu Wu and Ji Wei pillars, having born in Summer and Autumn will transform the wood to be noble.

What a cryptic chapter... 

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