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BaZi: SMTH - 论偏官 Discussing Indirect Officer final part

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This final part of the chapter is a collection of classical poems that discuss about 7K.

Ju Shan Pian says: Strong Self with shallow Devil, that fake devil can become authority, heavy devil with light self, whole life is damaged.

Ding Zhen says: if 7K is assisted by wealth, it becomes even more inauspicious.

It also says: Blade is a weapon, without devil it is difficult keep, Devil is the military command, without Blade it does not get respect, Blade and Devil if both are prominent, its mightiness can conquer the world.

Si Bu says: Devil does not part with Seal, Seal does not part with Devil, Devil and Seal mutually engendering, bring about prominent success.

Miao Xuan says: Devil as martial prowess, Seal as literary talents, with devil without Seal denotes lacks academic accomplishment, with Seal without Devil lacks awe-inspiring authority. With Devil and Seal together, means having both martial and literary skills.

You Xuan says: 7K seeing ChangSheng place, Woman will get a noble husband.

Luo Yi says: Devil arrives on Zi place, will get a rebellios son.

Qian Li Ma says: 7K that is restrained, many children.

Xiang Xin says: Indirect Officer 7K, its intensity can pressure the three excellencies (??), likes to drinking alcohol and likes to fight and compete, if it is dignified, it assists the weak and bully the strong, its temperament is like tiger, impetuous like wind.

Old Songs say:

Indirect Officer does not necessarily means inauspicious, with restrain clothing and fortune can be plentiful, on HS if Food God matches, there will be many children and grandchildren of honor.

Also: Self meeting 7K is the keypoint, when Stem (DM) is weak it greatly injures, if the True Fortune (DO) crosses path entering 7K is like punishment, one's life cannot be free from disaster and misfortune.

Also: 7K as the keypoint is basically worrisome, but when it is trained than it is pleasant and no longer worrisome, one's life will be just and without demonic tune, his ranking will be high as lord of a thousand houses.

Also: Indirect Officer on the Month is Devil spirit, if there is restrain one's status is as high as the first class officials. If one's dignity and glory is achieved late in life, he will become the blessings of his children and grandchildren.

Also: Month EB Indirect Officer must not be clashed, HO and YR are both pleasant to be seen, If DM is prosperous or strong it is regarded as noble, if the restrain is not too over, hundred matters will be smooth.

Also: Self is weak and devil is strong and without restraining god, the life will be full of disasters and misfortune,

Also: Jia and Yi's Devil is exposed Geng and Xin, inside Month (EB) Water and Wood are pleasant to be seen, when Luck goes to wood and fire it flourishes reputation and benefits, when water Luck comes it is afraid of Fire and Metal.

Also: Bing and Ding on the fifth month Devil is seen repeatedly, the coming wood and fire brings great success, undergoing metal and water cause misfortune to self, When Zi comes to clash it is most inauspicious.

Also: 6 Yis born to see Si You and Chou, within the frame it is dreadful for Wealth star to protect (7K), if suddenly Luck moves to Metal place, one's longevity will not be too long.

Also: Geng day seeing all Yin Wu Xu, on heaven protruding earth is propitious, one fire after another give rise to reputation, if life is at rest or trapped, water place is dreaded.

Also 6 Bing person seeing many Hai and Zi, Devil star returns to Seal is instead in harmony, eastern Luck brings about success and reputation, western luck will turn things to difficulties.

Also: Yin water seeing many Si character is injured, Devil star must be restrained by Wood, only then one's reputation and benefits can be prominent, but it's afraid that one's longevity will not be long.

Also: Earth seeing Mao place with a complete triple combination, it does not fear being wrapped by metal and water, at places where fire and wood prosperous will get reputation and benefits, but going through Kun and Kan disasters will come one after another.

Also: If Jia and Yi see Shen, they like to be obscurely engendered by Seal, if water and metal are both prosperous, one will become a government official.

AlsoL Jia and Yi born in Yin month, abundant metal is instead auspicious, but seeing water repeatedly is not beneficial, fire and earth are clothes and grains.


  1. Thank you Trey! That was very valuable for me! But may I ask you something- what is meant by "death" and "seal" (unaucpisious power?)and "devil star"(unfavourable element?)?
    Stay healthy!

  2. Dear Agnes,

    You are most welcome :)

    Death usually refers to the 12 Qi stages Death like Wood is dead at Wu, you can refer to the 12 Qi stages article here

    Seal, in this blog means the element that engenders DM. I use a different English name for the gods because I translate literally from Chinese.

    Here is the reference:

    Devil Star simply means 7K

    Thanks a lot for reading the blog and the get well wish! :)


  3. Thanks again Trey! I was really doubting about the 12 Qi stages, and you gave me the support. I will follow your links for the other unknowns.

  4. Hi Trey,

    I'm confused by this sentence

    I'm reading a chart, mind offering some advice?

    The chart (woman) :-

    Hour Day Month Year
    癸 戊 辛 己
    亥 寅 未 巳

    The only Spouse Star is 寅, the 7K, and it's in the Spouse Palace.

    I read somewhere a woman with the 7K in day branch won't be getting a good husband or it's the husband's 2nd marriage or the husband wouldn't be able to stay together with her always.

    Having 食神 (EG) could sort this out but none in the chart. Heard that marrying a very much older husband can balance out the negative impact as well.

    Anyway, now 寅 is also the 长生, meaning 7K is on the 长生, so could it improve the situation?

    Also, I can notice 亥寅相合, so can I say 7K won't be as strong as it's supposed to? but the combination produces wood element as well. Oh, I'm confused...

    Many thanks!

    by : Jeong

    1. Dear Jeong,

      I'm not good at analyzing a woman's marriage.


      Wu uses Yi as true husband, Jia as indirect husband, Yi is buried in Wei, covered on top by Xin. Yi is inactive. If she were to get a 'proper' husband, he most probably wont do well.

      The indirect husband star is Jia, which ChangSheng in Hai, JianLu in Yin, this 'improper' husband star is strong.

      Jia uses Xin as Officer, Ji as Direct Wealth, Gui as Direct Seal. The woman's chart has everything needed to make her indirect husband successful. She 旺夫 prospers the indirect husband.

      As her marriage palace is in combination with Hai, her indirect husband should be someone quite comfortable and be in a good relationship with her.

      Marry a divorcee, a guy from somewhere far away, non traditional marriage, marry and divorce and remarry. I don't know how to activate the Indirect husband star.


  5. Hey Trey your last para is funny. Anyway that's my chart. I'm reading my own chart. why I just can't go with a proper one! at the age of 24, so young but seriously I'm looking for an improper one. Sometimes I'm thinking whether I'm superstitious.. thank you so much. Thanks


    1. BaZi is HO structure .Luck strongly on HO will not get good guys.

  6. Dear Jeong,

    Most capable women would expect a good bit from their other halves.

    Lots of luck.


  7. Hi Trey,

    Thank you so much for all your postings, I know how grueling and tedious translating Chinese can be, but your effort is much appreciated, I love coming to your blog!

    I was wondering, can you please help me sort out my chart, I'm having difficulty determining what's beneficial and what's not, in terms of 7K
    My chart...

    Hour Day Month Year Current LP
    Geng Yi Jia Wu Ding
    Chen Chou Yin Chen Si

    Does the (overabundance?) of Wealth assist the 7K protruding from Day EB?

    I'm also not sure if the Bing, either from LP or from Month EB will combine away the Xin 7K, or it can just tame it ... Am i right to think that I need the Fire?
    Or, because my Yi and Jia are both rooted and prosperous, that they can stand to be a little kept-under-check, and so then I'd rather need Water to make sure Fire doesn't control Metal?

    Finally, what does it mean that Jia and Yi in Shen like to be "secretly engendered by Seal"?

    Sorry for many questions, I know you're busy you don't have to answer all, just if you could please provide any insight that'd be wonderful,



    1. Hi Ander,

      Geng Yi Jia Wu
      Chen Chou Yin Chen

      Yi + Geng is supposed to transform to metal, but this DM is born in Spring where wood is prosperous.

      This is a tricky chart, more likely an inverted structure 返象

      I would agree with you that fire is favorable for wood born in Spring, since Geng metal has probably lost its Officer nature.