Monday, April 8, 2013

BaZi: Between Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch.

BaZi: Between Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch.

It had been a very hectic week and I could not update the blog as much as I wanted. I tried to write something but I could not think of anything because of exhaustion, most of my posts are left unfinished.

Anyway, in this post I'd like to translate a part of ZPZQ about the differences between HS and EB and how they function in a BaZi chart.

ZPZQ says:
Even though HS and EB have their own favorable and unfavorable (element, character), Stems primarily represent Heaven, it is moving and it acts, Branches primarily represent Earth, it is still and awaits use, and Stem is mainly one (element) while Branch hides many (elements), as fortune or misfortune, don't they have their own uniqueness? 

This paragraph tells some very important points, a BaZi chart is divided into Heaven and Earth, Heaven is occupied by the Stems, which belong to a certain single element and the Earth is occupied by the branches that are made of mixed elements. Also, Heaven moves and Earth is still, Heaven acts and Earth awaits, this sentence might be difficult to understand for non-classically trained practitioners so let me try to explain.

Heaven, the stems are the elements that 'acts' in a BaZi chart, that is because they moves, they engender and counter, support and exhausts. 

Earth, the branches are Gods that wait for instruction from Heaven, that is because they are 'still' (unmoving). The branches do not engender or counter, they punish, clash, break and harm (刑冲破害)

So when we choose a Useful God, we usually choose the one that protrudes to the Heaven, for example Jia born in Yin month with protruding Jia is regarded as JianLu structure, with the Useful God being Jia, a parallel. If Bing fire protrudes, then the chart is regarded as a Food God structure, with Bing Fire being the Useful God.

ZPZQ gives some examples here:

For example Jia uses You Officer, meeting Geng and Xin, it becomes 'Officer and Devil mixed' (which is inauspicious), but Shen and You are not regarded as Such. 

If Jia wood is born in the month of You, metal takes command, if Geng protrudes, it's a 7K structure, if Xin protrudes, it's a Direct Officer structure, if both protrudes it's considered as DO mixed with 7K, a broken structure. However if we see Shen and You both existing in the earthly branches, we do not take them as DO mixed with 7K.

Shen is also the prosperous place for Xin, Xin sits on Shen You is like the government officer who also has the seal of Tao. (I don't know what does the Seal of Tao mean)

Meeting 2 Xins is regarded as double officer (which is not good), but seeing 2 You is not regarded as such.

Xin sits on 2 You, is like a governor assimilating 2 regions, meeting Ding is regarded as Hurting Officer, but meeting Wu is not regarded as such.

Ding moves and Wu is still, and Ding and Ji are both hidden, is it safe to know that it is wealth?

Then there are branches that can be fortune and misfortune, why? such as Jia uses You Officer, meeting Wu, You still will not be injured, but also seeing Yin and Xu, they are not separated, 2 of them combine and fire moves, and that will cause injury (to the Officer).

And to look for the opposite perspective, Like Jia born in the month of Shen, Wu does not control 7K, seeing Yin and Xu, they clear the frame and fire moves, that also will injure (the 7K)

That meeting will cause movement, that is the difference from the stems. From this one point, the others can be known.

Okay, the text says pretty much everything that we need to know about the difference between HS and EB and how they function in a BaZi chart. In summary, we analyze the interactions of Gods mainly from the Heavenly Stems, if there's a meeting or combination in the Earthly Branches, it will cause movement of the resultant elements, and that will influence of the interactions in the Heavenly Stems. 



  1. Does in the case of JIA DM and month pillar Ji YOU and year pillar Ren XU, come to movement of ding in XU to hurt DO?

  2. When Wu EB comes, the movement of fire can hurt the DO. Whether this is good or not, depends on the overall structure, is DO the Useful God? is the Seal protruding?

  3. The whole chart:
    Yi Jia Ji Ren
    Chou Chen You Xu

    Weak DM, DO structure, but xin not protruding, only Ren at year stem...

    Current LP is Bing Wu, so in this time there is a chance of fire movement?

  4. Ren in heaven will suppress the fire movement, a protruding Seal protects Officer. Ji would not counter Ren as it is in combination with DM.