Monday, January 6, 2014

BaZi: An Early Classic - 四言独步 SYDB Four Words Invincible Steps Part 4

Advancing Qi and retreating Qi, substances of Life are competing, advancing Qi does not die, retreating Qi does not live.

Trey: This verse probably talks about the elemental Qi brought by the month EB, advancing Qi refers to the Qi before LinGuan / DiWang, retreating Qi refers to the Qi after DiWang. Substances refer to the entities in the month EB, Food, Wealth, Officer, Seal, Hurt, Blade , Owl, Devil. These substances are always competing for command.

The second part of the verse is ambiguous, advancing Qi does not die and retreating Qi does not live?

WuYanDuBu has a verse that says: 

Advancing Qi dies but is not dead, retreating Qi lives but is not alive, late years without success, punishment during youth is dreaded indeed.

DTS says: 理承气行岂有常,进兮退兮宜抑扬
Dealing with the bearing Qi movement how can it have normalcy, advancing or retreating favors suppression or agitation.

What is implied in SYDB?

Wealth and Officer inside storage, without clash there's be no success; stems and branches in the four pillars, likes to undergo combination.

Trey: Wealth and Officer insider storage is exactly what it is, if these are protruded or moved they are no longer 'inside storage' and clash becomes harmful instead.

Key Point has uses, most fearful is punishment and clash; clashed Luck is not intense, clashed Use is inauspicious.

Trey: Key point refers to the Month EB, when there's Officer and Wealth in the Month EB, there's something to be used, and in this case punishment and clash involving the month EB becomes unfavorable; especially when the Useful God is clashed.

Three wonders protrude and exposed, DayMaster is focused and strong; lodging roots with power, blessings fortune glory and prosperity.

Trey: the essence of ZiPing, the three wonders refer to Wealth, Officer and Seal. Having all these entities protruding or exposed with a strong DM indicates affection and strength. The 2 most important criteria for a complete chart.

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