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Inauspicious Configurations Part 1

Thank you Trey for sharing this platform and Hellokitty for proofreading the configurations.  

Some of the key issues surrounding translation are the credibility of texts online, limitations in ability to convey the texts in English as well as knowledge issues - being a beginner in ZWDS and bazi. The sources are indicated in every entry. To ensure as accurate a translation as possible, sections of original text may be omitted where there may be difficulties in translation. This pertains especially to ancient Chinese texts. My learning this discipline is unstructured, based mostly upon my discovery of texts and interest in specific areas. This contributes to gaps in key concepts which I am trying to minimize but otherwise dependent on readers to point out. I've said my piece so read on for the translated Inauspicious Configurations.

1、命无正曜格,命 宫无紫微天府星系十四正曜,不论命宫是否有禄存、羊陀、火铃、左右、昌曲、魁钺等甲级星,只要无紫府十四正曜,均为命无正曜格。

There are no main stars in Ming Palace, regardless of whether there are Jia level stars such as Lucun, Yangtuo, Huoling, Zoufu, Youbi, Wenchang, Wenqu. As long as Ziwei series stars and Tian Fu series stars not present, it meets this configuration.

论断命宫时,要审迁移宫之 吉凶来定命宫之吉凶,同时要看命宫所落之偏曜、化曜、杂曜吉凶如何,以定祸福。

When examining the Ming Palace, also look at Travel Palace to determine the quality of of Ming Palace. Also, examine the secondary stars, transformation stars, and miscellaneous stars in Ming Palace in order to determine whether it is fortunate or not.

命无正曜并非一定属贫贱之命,只要三方有入庙旺之吉星及禄存、科权禄、左 右、昌曲、魁钺加会,不见凶星,仍可飞黄腾达,发挥才能,富贵可期。

When main stars are absent in Ming Palace, it may not necessarily be a poor and laborious life.  As long as the three corners have auspicious stars in Miao or Wang Phase together with Lucun, Hualu, Huake, Huaquan, Zoufu, Youbi, Wenchang, Wenqu, Tiankui, Tianyue, with no inauspicious stars, the chart owner will be able to rise above, to utilize his talents, and attain wealth and power.

若命宫偏曜、化曜、杂曜尽多凶星,三合宫及对宫星辰陷失,会聚四煞劫空,而无吉星加 会,在幼年多会夭折。

Should the Ming Palace contain inauspicious stars (Qingyang, Tuoluo, Huoxing, Lingxing, Huaji), the three corners and opposite palace stars are in descent, meets the four inauspicious stars, without any auspicious stars, the chart owner is likely to die in childhood.

若逃过不死,也是二姓延生,为奴为仆,一生贫穷,多灾多难,不能发达。宜出家为僧道(不过话又说回来,现在的僧道日子过得比你我还 好)。

Should the chart owner manage to survive, he will use another surname, be a servant (probably working class in today's context). The chart owner will be poor his entire life, toil and meet with misfortune. It is suitable for the chart owner to be a monk or nun (but then again, nowadays, monks and nuns are leading better lives than you and me).

又若父母宫也无正曜,则少年更是凄苦。此格在幼年多病多灾,与双亲缘薄,或丧父,或丧母,或过房出继,改名换姓方能活命,或随母继拜,或是私生,或 是庶母(父亲的小老婆)所生。

In addition, should the Parents Palace be without main stars, the early years of the chart owner will be difficult. The chart owner will have illnesses and misfortune in his youth, have little fate with his parents or lose either one of his parents in childhood, or given to a relative. In order to survive, the chart owner should change name or follow his mother's surname. The chart owner may be illegitimate or be a child of a mistress.

成年后或入赘妻家,或离乡背井。故古诗云:命宫无有正曜星,幼岁重重有祸殃。惟是过房方得寿,他乡好去作东床。今人之命多验 于幼年多病,与双亲感情浅,一生当中会修改自己姓或名,离乡外赴等情形。

In adulthood, the chart owner will marry into his wife's family or leave his hometown. The odes said: With no main stars in Ming Palace, the chart owner will encounter disaster and calamity in his childhood. The only way to have longevity is if he leaves his place of birth and become someone’s son in law.   Nowadays, it usually means the person have poor health in youth, and have superficial sentiments for the parents, there will be a possibility of name change or leave his hometown.

2、极居卯酉格,紫 微贪狼在卯酉坐命,又遇煞星。

Ziwei and Tanlang in You or Mao Courts sitting in Ming Palace, also with one or more Sha or inauspicious stars.


Not all charts with Ziwei and Tanlang in You or Mao Courts belong to persons with a poor life, nuns or monks. 

若遇紫微化权、化科,贪狼化禄、化权,或禄存在命宫,或加会火星、铃星、左辅、 右弼、文昌、文曲等以上情形,均不能以贫贱定之,反主富贵有成(女命不宜见昌曲)。

Should Ziwei Huaquan or Ziwei Huake or Tanlang Hualu or Tanlang Huaquan or Lucun in Ming Palace, together with Huoxing, Lingxing, Youbi, Zoufu, Wenchang, Wenqu, the chart will not be considered one of a poor person. On the other hand, the chart owner will  have wealth and status. For females, it is not auspicious to see Wenchang or Wenqu in Ming Palace.

若无上述任何一个星曜会合,而命宫三方见擎羊、地劫、天空、旬空、截 空、化忌、天哭、天虚、孤辰、寡宿等星宿,必一生无成,贫穷孤单,名利俱无,宜出家为僧道,空亡若是在命宫,其人与宗教之缘份愈强,故古诗云:极居卯酉遇 劫空,十人之命九为僧。

Should the above mentioned not be met, and the three corners of Ming Palace contain Qingyang, Dikong, Dijie, Tiankong, Jiekong, Xunkong, Huaji, Tianku, Guchen, Guasu, the chart owner will not achieve anything in his life, be poor and lonely, without any status. The chart owner is suited to be a monk or nun. Should Kongwang be in Ming Palace, the chart owner has strong affinity with religion. It is said that nine out of ten of persons with this configuration are monks or nuns.

微贪狼在卯酉宫坐命,多数人有如下特点:多数较讲义气,出生在很平常的家庭;有虔诚的宗教信仰,其人相信玄学、算命、占卜、气功、医学,好神仙之术,甚至 会投入时间去研究;与异性打交道的时候多,个性和外在形象富于魅力,容易吸引异性。

Chart owners with Ziwei and Tanlang in Mao or You Courts in Ming Palace tend have sense of brotherhood, born in ordinary families; such person have strong religious beliefs, will also believe in alternative arts and medicine and may devote time to study these areas. Chart owners will also have many interactions with the opposite sex. They are alluring and tend to attract the opposite sex. 

男子爽快大方,不太重视钱财,女子身材性感,想法太多,不安于室,宜嫁 离过婚的老公,或结婚前有较多波折方可偕老;

Male chart owners are direct and generous and are not preoccupied with attaining wealth. Female chart owners have a sexy physique and have many principles and thoughts, are restless at home. Females are suited to marry men who have been divorced or have had twists and turns with the partner prior to marriage. 

This configuration is known as Peach Blossom Offending Owner. Both male and female chart owners are inclined to have Peach Blossom luck, marital woes or other strange issues. Kongwang in chart does not warrant additional discussion. Chart owners' spouses tend to be on the plump side.

3、杀拱廉贞格,廉 贞、七杀二星分守身宫和命宫;廉贞七杀在丑未宫守命;七杀在卯酉守命,三合有廉贞。
This configuration has Lianzhen and Qisha sitting on Self Palace and Ming Palace respectively. Lianzhen and Qisha in Chou and Wei Courts sitting in Ming Palace, Qisha in Mao or You Courts sitting in Ming Palace, Three Combinations has Lianzhen.

以上诸等,命宫三方四正无吉星加会,反而加会羊陀火铃天刑化忌劫空等诸 多恶曜,便为杀拱廉贞之格。

Should the three corners and four opposites of Ming Palace not have any auspicious stars. The configuration will be broken with Qingyang, Tuoluo, Huoxing, Lingxing, Tianxing, Huaji, Dikong, Dijie and other inauspicious stars in the three corners and four opposites.


Chart owners have bad luck, their wealth is like snow which quickly melts into water and flows away. Chart owners are not only poor but meet with multiple disasters and will ultimately fail in life.

4、巨逢四煞格,巨 门与火铃羊陀守命宫,居陷地

This configuration has Jumen and Huoxing, Lingxing, Tuoluo, Qingyang sitting in Ming Palace, in Courts where stars are in descent. (This is where auspicious stars are not auspicious, inauspicious stars are especially inauspicious.)


Another configuration is Jumen sitting in Ming Palace, the four sha or inauspicious stars in Self Palace. Another configuration is Jumen sitting in Self Palace, Four Sha sitting in Ming Palace, in courts where stars are in descent.

若是吉星无救解,必然流配远方 中。此格生人,贫穷多灾,多是非,并具犯罪倾向,恶者恐至残废、坐牢、凶死。

Should there be no auspicious stars to alleviate the negative effects of the configuration, the chart owner will be banished or exiled to a faraway place. sent faraway. Chart owners will be poor and encounter multiple disasters,  the subject of gossip and inclined to criminal activities. The evil ones with such charts face paralysis, imprisonment and a violent death.


Female chart owners tend to be vicious, promiscuous and shameless. They will have an unfavourable effect on their husbands.

5、马头带剑格,命 在宫午,擎羊单守。擎羊在午本为陷地,此格主大凶。

Ming Palace in Wu Court, with only Qingyang in the court. Qingyang is in descent and this is extremely inauspicious.


Another type under this configuration is Ming Palace in Mao, You or Zi Courts with only Qingyang in the court. This is extremely inauspicious. Should there be Huoxing, Lingxing, Dikong, Dijie in the three corners of Ming Palace, the chart owner will definitely die young.

命入此格,其人外表豪迈 大度,其实狠毒奸狡,残暴凶恶,不但品性不端,且主一生招凶,刑妻克子,身患恶疾,具犯罪倾向,中年夭亡。

Chart owners will appear generous, courageous, unaffected by small problems, benevolent and forgiving. In actual fact, they are cunning, vicious and cruel. They attract negative energy, will have an unfavourable effect on their wives and children. They will be afflicted with illness, inclined to criminal activity and will die in middle age. 

命有吉星入庙,其人亦颇有豪气,干脆利落。行限 遇擎羊单在午或卯,亦主有灾。

Should Ming Palace have auspicious stars in Miao phase, chart owners will be heroic, decisive and honorable. During ten year or annual luck, should there be only Qingyang in Wu or Mao Court, chart owners will face disaster. 

6、命里逢空格,命 宫在巳亥,无正曜,地劫天空二星同在命宫;地劫、天空单守命宫。
This configuration has Ming Palace in Si or Hai Courts, without any main stars, Dijie and Tiankong both in Ming Palace. Or either Dijie or Tiankong in Ming Palace


This configuration is met where there are no auspicious stars in the three corners or opposite palace to mitigate the negative effects of the chart.

命有此格,不聚财,漂泊异地,一世贫 穷不遇,万事成空,乃下贱之格也。

Chart owners are unable to accumulate wealth, drift faraway from home, be poor throughout his life and will be a failure in all his endeavors. This is a configuration speaks of a very poor and degraded life.


Meeting additional inauspicious Sha Stars, most chart owners will die young.

7、天梁拱月格,天 梁在巳、亥、申为陷地,太阴在卯、辰、巳、午、未为陷地。

This configuration has Tianliang in Si or Hai or Shen Courts in a phase of decline. Taiyin in Mao or Chen or Si or Wu or Wei in phase of decline.


Tianliang in phase of decline sitting in Ming Palace meeting Taiyin or Taiyin in phase of decline in Ming Palace meeting Tianliang.

以上二者,命宫及三方无禄存、科权禄、左 右、昌曲、魁钺等吉星同宫和加会,反而会有羊陀火铃劫空刑姚化忌大耗等凶星,为天梁拱月格。

For the two above mentioned sub-types, Ming Palace and three corners do not have Lucun, Huake, Huaquan, Hualu, Zoufu, Youbi, Wenchang, Wenqu, Tiankui, Tianyue in the same Palace or meeting and there are inauspicious stars such as Qingyang, Tuoluo, Huoxing, Lingxing, Dijie, Dikong,Tianyao, Tianxing, Huaji, Datuo and other inauspicious stars.

人命逢此,穷困而事业无成,不聚财,飘流在外,不务正业,成事 不足,败事有余。

Chart owners will be poor and not achieve much in their career. They are unable to accumulate wealth, be adrift and engaged in unstable vocations. Chart owners will not only be unable to solve problems or resolve issues but cause the situation to be worse than before.


Males tend to have vagabond-like qualities, are lustful, alcoholic and enjoy gambling. Females are promiscuous and prone to having extramarital affairs which cause disorder.

故古诗云:月梁落陷最堪伤,必定飘篷在外乡。唱舞酣歌终日醉,风流荡尽祖田庄。逢吉星则不作 此论。

The moon and Tianliang in a phase of decline is the most harmful. Chart owners will definitely leave their hometowns and drift about. Perpetually drunk and engaged in song and dance (think KTV pubs), chart owners are bound to lose all their family property (wealth and inheritance). Charts with auspicious stars will not meet this configuration.

8、文星遇夹格,文 昌或文曲守命,遇空劫二星来夹。

This configuration has Wenchang or Wenqu sitting in Ming Palace, with Dikong and Dijie in the neighbouring palace.

命无吉星,三方不加吉而会凶,作贫贱论之,纵有才华,终身不遇,凡事易半途而废,抑或学非所用,从事自己并不喜爱的职业, 抱恨终身,昌曲守身宫二星来夹亦然。

Ming Palace with no auspicious stars, three corners with no auspicious stars, indicate a life of poverty and low status. Even if chart owners have talent, he will not be able to utilize it. He will give up his endeavours midway, be unable to use what he learnt. He will be in an occupation that he does not enjoy and have lifelong regrets. This will be so with Wenchang and Wenqu in Self Palace and Dikong Dijie in neighboring palace.  


Should the main stars in Ming Palace be in Wang or Miao phase and transform positively, and the three corners contain auspicious stars, the configuration is not met.

       9、文星失位格,即乃文昌文 曲落陷坐命,又遇煞侵(如与四煞、劫空、天刑、化忌同宫和加会),即为文星失位,纵有文章亦难科第。

This refers to Wenchang and Wenqu stars in descent in Ming Palace, encountering inauspicious stars such as the four inauspicious stars; Dikong, Dijie, Tianxing, Huaji. This is known as literary stars losing their place. This configuration presents difficulties for the chart owner to do well academically.

用现代的话来说,就是空有才华,也是怀才不遇。或平时 学习成绩优良,关键时刻离分数线就差那么几分(其实正考考不上,可以读自费嘛,而且现在的大学可以缴钱去读)。

In modern day context, should the chart owner have talent, he will not be able to display it. Or else, the chart owner may have excellent grades but be unable to deliver at the crucial moments or miss the mark by a little.

其人之学说、理论、人生观必有其怪异之处, 难为世人所接受,甚或研习旁门左道之术,以及宗教、玄学、法术等。

The chart owner is likely to have rather eccentric philosophies and values which others would find hard to accept. He may also be inclined to alternative arts and religion.  

       10、科星煞凑格,化 科星守命身宫,而凶煞冲凑太甚。命逢此格,虽然学问不错,有文章秀气,但为贫寒的读书人。现在讲来,多是平时学习优秀,而高考运气欠佳的人,终难升学。

This configuration has Huake in Ming or Self Palace where inauspicious stars clash and combine with a destructive effect. Chart owners will have good knowledge, be intellectual but will be poor scholars. In the modern context, the chart owner will have good performance at school normally but lack examination luck and will find it hard to progress academically. 

科与煞曜会合,多主恶名在外,遭人毁谤的时候多,又主有牢狱之厄。古人实在是把读书中举看得太重要了,在现代社会自然要对此作某些修正,可作出某些相似性 的解释。

Huake with inauspicious stars indicates that the chart owner will have a bad reputation and be prone to slander as well as imprisonment. In ancient times, there is a great deal of focus on academic performance because once the person pass the exam, they are placed in a government position. There is some adjustment in modern times where there is less focus on academia.  However, the reading of the chart should be similar.

This configuration has Huake in Ming Palace, clashes and combines with Qingyang, Huoxing, Lingxing, Tuoluo, Dikong, Dijie in the same Palace. The chart owner will have difficulties doing well academically.


This configuration has Tiankui or Tianyue in the Ming or Self Palace, with many inauspicious stars in the same palace or meeting, with no remedy. This combination would not allow the auspicious stars to realise their auspicious effects.

     13、武贪守身格,命无正 曜,武曲贪狼二星守身宫。此格必是卯酉时生,身宫在迁移,武曲贪狼居于迁移宫。若命宫三方四正凶煞多会,少年夭折,不然一生贫贱。

This configuration has Wuqu and Tanlang sitting in Self Palace, without main stars in Ming Palace. This configuration belongs to persons born in the Mao or You Hour, with Self Palace in Travel Palace. Hence, Wuqu and Wenqu resides in Travel Palace. Should the three corners and four opposites of the Ming Palace have many inauspicious stars, the chart owner will die young or else be poor all his life. 

若命宫三方四正会有吉 星,武曲贪狼又得吉化,主先贫后富,晚年获福。此格生者,多是技艺、艺术之人。

Should the three corners and four opposites have auspicious stars, and Wuqu and Tanlang transform positively. The chart owner will be poor at the start but become rich and attain happiness in old age. The chart owner will have artistic talent.

       14、巨机化酉格,巨门天机 在酉宫坐命,有化忌同宫,为此格。巨机在卯,可为贵格,在酉则一般不以富贵论之。因为酉为天机木之死地,巨门水之败地。

This configuration has Jumen and Tianji in You Court sitting in Ming Palace, with Huaji in the same Palace.  Jumen and Tianji in Mao Court, is a noble configuration. However, it is not considered auspicious if in You Court. This is because You is the Wood tomb of Tianji and the Water tomb of Jumen. 

安命酉宫,乙辛癸年生人吉利,如果 命宫无禄存和化禄化权,到底也是寻常之格。纵会吉星富贵也是有限,远比在卯宫逊色。

It is auspicious for those born in Yi, Xin, Gui years to have Ming Palace in You Court. However, it will be ordinary without Lucun, Hualu or Huaquan. Should there be other auspicious stars, it will still be inferior compared to configurations that have Jumen and Tianji in Mao Court.

若不见吉星,逢巨门或天机在命宫化忌,则以凶命论之。其人一生不顺,不 能发达,且自私自利,心胸狭窄,往往言不择语,出口伤人,因长舌利口,故常祸从口出。

It is inauspicious with Jumen and Tianji Huaji in Ming Palace, with no auspicious stars. it indicates an unfortunate life. The chart owner will not have a smooth-sailing life and will find it difficult to succeed. The person will be selfish and concerned of his personal gains. He will also be narrow-minded and offend people with his words. Most of his troubles stem from his words.


The configuration for females is known to be promiscuous. Should the chart owner not be a prostitute, she will be promiscuous. This also applies to those with Ming Palace in Mao Court.

15、刑囚夹印格,盖天相为印,廉贞有囚,擎羊化气为刑,若论 则天相不可能被廉贞和擎羊二星所夹。实为廉贞天相在子午宫坐命,有擎羊同宫,故得此名,以丙年生人廉贞在午化忌最凶。

This configuration has Tianxiang as seal, Lianzhen contains entrapment and Qingyang transform into punishment. This configuration is not valid if Lianzhen and Qingyang are in the neighbouring courts of Tianxiang. This configuration has Lianzhen, Tianxiang sitting in Wu or Zi Courts in Ming Palace, with Qingyang in the same court. It is the most inauspicious for those born in Bing years with Lianzhen Huaji in Wu Court.

此格生人,必为罪犯,有牢狱之灾,遭 法律之制裁,并易遭凶死。女命,会有流产、开刀、血光之事,且夫妻宫见陀罗贪狼,多主丈夫死得早。廉贞天相与天刑同宫,亦为刑囚夹印主为勇武之人,加吉星可望富贵,居于命宫三方,多为军队、警察局或其他司法部门工作。

The chart owner will definitely be a criminal, and have the misfortune of being incarcerated. He will be sentenced in a court of law and is prone to a violent death. Females are prone to miscarriage, surgery and misfortune that causes bloodshed. Should the Spouse Palace contain Tuoluo or Tanlang, her husband will die young. Chart owners with Lianzhen and Tianxiang in the same court as Tianxing will be courageous. With auspicious stars in the same court, it can be taken as a wealthy and noble structure. Chart owners with auspicious stars in the three corners are likely to be in military, police or other law enforcement designations.

16、月 同遇煞格(不是马头带箭),太阴天同在午宫坐命,本属落陷,又有火星、铃星、地劫、天空、刑等恶星同宫,三方又加会凶星,为此格。

This configuration has Taiyin and Tiantong in Wu Court sitting in Ming Palace, which is in a phase of descent. This configuration is met also with Huoxing, Lingxing, Dijie,Tiankong, Tianxing and other inauspicious stars in the same court, with the three corners having inauspicious stars. 

人必生性怯弱,身体多 病,一生贫贱愁苦。女命克夫,受感情打击,是被人抛弃的物件,多作人情妇,或为娼妓。

The chart owner will be timid, be plagued with illness and be poor and distressed throughout his life. Female chart owners will not be favorable for husbands, have problems with romantic relationships. They will also be abandoned and objectified, likely a mistress or prostitute.

命逢此格,不但贫,而且贱,终身不能发达。同阴在午遇四煞冲会,多主 心狠手毒,无情无义,与父母成仇,并且容易从事犯罪活动,刑伤短命。

Chart owners will not only be poor but have a lowly existence and will not succeed in life. Chart owners with Tiantong and Taiyin in Wu Court meeting the four inauspicious stars will be vicious and disregard others. He will be enemies with parents and prone to criminal activity and a short life.


This configuration has Tianma in Ming Palace, together with Dijie and Dikong with the opposite palace containing Lucun or Lucun sitting in Kongwang or meeting Dikong, Dijie stars. Chart owners are inclined to have many changes in life, toil and labour but achieve nothing in life. This configuration indicates emptiness and a poor and lowly existence.

18、梁 马飘荡格,天梁在巳亥宫坐命,与四煞空劫忌星同宫加会,不见吉星,命和迁移有天马,即为此格。

This configuration has Tianliang in Si or Hai Courts sitting in Ming Palace, meeting the four inauspicious stars, Dikong, Dijie, Hua Ji in the same court or meeting, without any auspicious stars and Tianma in the Travel Palace or Ming Palace. 

为社会底层人物,一生飘荡,身在异乡,并常为他人之事而奔 波,无事闲忙,名利皆虚,贫贱之命。

Chart owners will be lowly in society, be adrift all their lives and live far away from their hometown. They will toil and labor for others, be troubled for no reason and be poor their entire lives.

天梁在巳亥,乙丙戊壬辛年生人加吉星,亦主富贵,但仍不免飘荡,宜异地发达,只是富贵不能耐久,一生多风浪,终必有破 败。

Tianliang in Si or Hai Courts, born in Yi, Bing, Wu, Ren, Xin years with auspicious stars indicate wealth and status. They will be adrift, but will find it easy to succeed away from their hometown. However, the wealth and status will not last as they will have ups and downs in life and will ultimately fail.


This configuration has Ming Palace in Kongwang or where stars are in their descent. There are no auspicious stars in the three corners or Kongwang meets Lianzhen, Puojun in the phase of descent . Should chart owners have exceedingly good capabilities, he will not be able to utilise them. The chart owner is not born at an opportune moment. He will have an ordinary life and will not have much progress.


This configuration has Lu meeting two inauspicious stars. Lucun or Hualu sitting in Ming Palace, with Xuankong, Jiekong, Tiankong, Dijie in the same Palace . This also applies when the three corners having Tuoluo, Qingyang, Huoxing, Lingxing, Dahao and other inauspicious stars. 


The chart owner has a favorable appearance but is empty inside and will not have substantial achievements in life. Should he attain wealth and status, it will only be temporary and he will eventually be poor and destitute.

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