Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A forum to discuss Classical BaZi

Dear treasured readers,

Arne has put a forum to discuss about classical BaZi here:

Please let Arne know if you'd like to join the new forum for discussion or just for peeping.

The forum / wiki contains many articles written or translated by various authors, including the classics and modern baZi.

Many case studies will be posted and discussed.



  1. Dear Trey,

    many thanks for the announcement, saw it just now. As Trey said, everybody coming from this forum is warmly invited to join the forum.
    In fact, it shall be much more than a forum. I have started a database for finding relevant information, which I plan to develop over time.
    Everything is new and young still, so input for improvement is most welcome by everybody.

    If you like to join, please contact me via:

    See you soon,


    1. Hi Arne

      I just found this website and i am very much interested in Bazi , i would join the forum,


      CK Liew

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