Thursday, March 19, 2015

BaZi: DTS 官杀 Authorities 伤官 Hurting Officer

If you ask me about mixed authorities, some can be (mixed), some cannot be.

It's difficult so analyze Hurting Officer seeing Officer, some can see, some cannot see.

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  1. Hi trey,

    This verse reminds me some concepts from your previous translation of Useful God.

    1. As Gua of many cases can combine with DM, e.g. Yi-Wood with Gua of Geng-Metal and Ji-Earth with Gua of Jia-Wood, this could somehow protect the Gua from HO. When combined, it is normally hard to be taken or hurt. (I assume this from cases of Wealth combines with DM)
    2. HO itself in some case seems not to hurt Gua that much. In my first example HO of Bing-Fire is likely not harmful to Geng unlike Ding-Fire. But, in the secomd example, Gua of Geng seems able to hurt Jia-Wood so much.
    3. Location of Gua and HO, e.g. if Gua of both examples are in Hour HS but HO are in Year HS, I think impact could be reduced significantly..

    Could those be the reasons why consideration in detail about HO vs Gua have to be done case by case....??

    Please help..