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Combination of Ten Stems 十干配合

Combination of the stems is also another topic that seems ambiguous to me. Combination 合 is not the same as Transformation 化. Some combination transform and some don't. It depends on other factors such as the month's decree, Intensity and Qi of the resulting element and support from the HS.

Combination and Transformation of Heavenly Stem

SMTH on Heavenly Stem Combination:


Combination signifies harmony, Yang meeting Yang would be competitive and it's regarded as countering, Yin seeing Yin would be insufficient and it's also regarded as countering. Only when Yin meets Yang or Yang meets Yin, it's regarded as Combination, it's like the meeting of a man and a woman that has become a marriage.


Eastern Jia and Yi fear being countered by western Geng and Xin. Jia belongs to Yang, is the brother, Yi belongs to Yin and is the little sister, so the brother Jia marries his sister to the Metal family, as the wife of Geng, thus Yi and Geng combine.


Southern Bing and Ding fear being countered by Northern Ren and Gui. Bing belongs to Yang, as the brother, Ding belongs to Yin as the sister, Bing brother marries his little sister Ding to Water family, as the wife of Ren, thus Ding and Ren combine.


Middle Wu and Ji fear being countered by Eastern Jia and Yi. Wu belongs to Yang as the brother, Ji belongs to Yin as the little sister. Wu the brother marries his little sister Ji to the Wood family, as the wife of Jia, so Jia and Ji combine.


Western Geng and Xin fear being countered by Bing and Ding fire, Geng as Yang, the brother, Xin as Yin the little sister, Geng marries his little sister Xin to the fire family, as the wife of Bing, so Bing and Xin combines.


Northern Ren and Gui are afraid of being countered by Middle earth Wu and Ji, Ren as Yang the elder brother and Ji as Yin the little sister, Ren marries his little sister Gui to Wu, as the wife. thus Wu and Gui combines.

甲与己何名为中正之合?Why Jia and Ji combination is called the combination of Central and Upright?


Jia is Yang wood, it's benevolent. It's the leader of the 10 stems, Ji, Yin earth. Peaceful. quiet and solemn, has the virtue of engendering creations, Thus Jia and Yi is regarded as the combination of Central and Upright. Those who carry this combination indicates respectfulness, dignity, generosity and straightforwardness. If it carries a Killing and the five elements are without Qi signify the person blames a lot, ill-tempered, straightforwardness that does not want to bent (stubbornness).

乙与庚何名为仁义之合?Why Yi and Geng is called the combination of benevolence and righteousness?


Yi is yin wood, it is benevolent and very gentle, Geng is Yang metal, it's tough, strong, unyielding, it's toughness and gentleness combined, benevolence and righteousness combined. Thus signify the person is vigilant but careful, not enticed by flattery, going back and forth only with benevolence, advancing or retreating with righteousness. The five elements that is 'born' or prosperous would have good looks, if it's in dead or extinction and carries Killing, the person would be brave but impulsive, body and looks unpleasing. A person of mischief. Jia + Ji, Yi + Geng are not taboo for women.

丙与辛何名为威制之合?Why Bing and Xin combination is named oppressive?


Bing is Yang fire,it's glorious, conspicuous and self flourishing. Xin is Yin metal, it Counters 'Ren (Blade)' and likes Killing. Thus Bing and Xin is regarded as oppressive combination. Signifies that the person looks strict, earnest and serious, is feared by many, cruel and malicious, likes bribery and loves greed (or lust), if it carries killing or the five elements are dead and extinct, the person is ungrateful and not righteous, inaffectionate. For women who has this together with TianZhong, DaHaoz and XianChi has good looks with a low voice, excessively beautiful (yin 淫 could also refer to lust).

丁与壬何名为淫慝之合?壬者,Why Ding and Ren combination is named as evil combination?


Water is of pure Yin, three lights does not shine on it, Ding is fire with Yin hidden inside, self obscuring and not bright. Thus Ding and Ren is called the evil combination. Signifies the person has bright eyes (could mean beautiful or the eyesight is good), sweet and charming, very affectionate (has many relationships) and easily enamored, does not care about being 'high and clean' (as in moral conduct),习下无去 when becomes habit, it would not change (unsure translation), pillows that like to indulge in colors (meaning love to have sex), what belongs to him, he would be stingy (unwilling to share or use), what belongs to others, he would be greedy for (he wants the same thing). If the five elements are dead and extinct or see Killing, meeting XianChi, DaHao and TianZhongZiBai, would spoil the family reputation, loves petty people, does not care or mistreat noble people, because of greed commits all kinds of outrages, must win and only after that he would stop.Women would be lewd, wicked, evil and treacherous, easily instigated and lured, bring about many flaws and humiliation, or being an older woman who marries a young husband, or a very young woman who marries an old husband or lowly at the beginning and good afterwards or good at the beginning and lowly afterwards.

戊与癸何名为无情之合? Wu and Gui is named the apathetic combination (无情 could mean apathetic, disloyal, not affectionate, ruthless etc, it's like when one does not reciprocate the love that was given to him, even though he benefited from the love)


Wu is Yang earth, a man that is old and ugly, Gui is yin water, a vivacious woman. Old Yang and Young Yin, even though is joint, is not affectionate, signifies a person that is probably good or probably ugly, if Wu gets Gui means good looks and beauty, man would marry a young wife, woman would marry a beautiful husband; when Gui gets Wu denotes simple and plain, old and plain, man would marry an old wife or woman marries and old husband.



  1. Hi Trey,

    Assuming Jia DM with Bing and Xin on the stem combining, the Food and direct officer auspicious gods are combined away. But what if the DM is Ding and Ren , Officer star is combined by Ding DM? I read that when a combo is with the DM, the stars, in this case the Officer star will not be combined away. If there is transformation, the wood (seal) will be an additional star to use. Is this correct?

    Another question. A Ding DM with Ren on stem and combining, what happens when Ren appears in LP or the year. I understand it is a situation called fighting to combine and the result is combination will not happen and officer star which was combining with the DM in the natal chart will be lost. What is your thoughts on this?

  2. Dear Joe,

    You are correct in case if DM is Ding and Officer appears in the stem, it combines with the DM in the same way as a husband is combined to his wife. Officer star will not be lost but it will become more affectionate. However, whether this is good or bad depends on the chart structure and the criteria to establish a good structure.

    However, under certain circumstances, for example DM Ding born in Spring with Wood element protruding and the EBs has a complete 3 combinations, Ding Ren will combine to Wood, which will become a transformed Qi structure 化气格. Also under certain circumstances, Transformation Qi can follow water or fire depending on the entire structure.

    If another Officer star appears on the structure or the LP, we call it 重官, generally inauspicious but can be auspicious under many circumstances.

  3. Dear Trey,

    Thks for your reply. I have heard of transforming qi such as ;

    Ding Ren Jia Wu
    Wei Yin Yin Yin

    There is no metal qi to block the transformation. Wood is strong and ding combines with Ren to form wood. The chart will be read as Jia wood instead of Ren.

    However, I think it is not easy to read such charts. The reason why I said this is because I believe I know someone with a “follow the wealth” chart but her life does not seem to be anything like what I know of Follow the Wealth. I will be posting this chart for review at your Wealth discussion postings.
    Anyway, would you have an example of someone with a transforming qi chart?

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  5. Transformation happens when there's a combining element besides the DM, DM is born in the month where transformation god rules, and there are supporting elements in heaven. But according to DTS (and SMTH) true transformation happens only when there's a Chen (dragon) in the chart.

    DTS says,


    When transformation is true, it should analyzed only as the transformation, still transformation god has many saying.

    Not all transformation structures favor seeing transformation god in the LP. The chart also needs to be looked from the 'balancing' point of view, excessively strong transformation god favors Food, Wealth and Officer while weak transformation god prefers Seal and Parallels.

    Whether a chart is a 'true' or 'fake' transformation structure does not really depend on how 'strong' the transformation god is, rather it depends on how 'real' it is.

    I have not seen anyone with transformation structure.

  6. What happens to Ding DM with Ren year pillar, does DM change to wood

  7. Middle Wu and Ji fear being countered by Eastern Jia and Yi. Wu belongs to Yang as the brother, Ji belongs to Yin as the little sister. Wu the brother marries his little sister Ji to the Wood family, as the wife of Jia, so Jia and Ji combine.

    Think there is an error in this sentence :)