Thursday, February 7, 2013

Earthly Branch EB 6 combinations

The 6 combinations of EB are like the 5 combinations of HS, the pairings of Yin and Yang that signify affection.

6 combinations of EB

Zi and Chou combine and transform to earth

Hai and Yin combine and transform to wood

Mao and Xu combine and transform to fire

Chen and You combine and transform to metal

Si and Shen combine and transform to water

Wu and Wei combine and transform to fire


There's the saying of combining with Lu (prosperity), combining with Ma(horse, as in YiMa) and combining with Gui (noble).

Luo LuZi says: It's originally not there but it is then established to be there, it's said to be seen but not seen.

From not existing and become exist, for example, Jia people with Yin as 'Lu', does not sees Yin but sees Hai, thus it is called 'combining with Lu' as Hai combines with Yin

Yin people uses Geng as horse, does not see Shen but sees Si, thus it is called 'combining with Ma'

Jia Xu Geng people use Hai and Wei as Gui (noble), does not see Chou or Wei but sees Zi and Wu, it is called 'combining with Gui'

The classics says: Visible combination is not as good as concealed combination. arching to form a true is not as good as arching to form a fake. This is what it means.

《天元变化书》云:The book of TianYuan BianHua says:

Zi combines with Chou, fortune is light. Chou combines with, fortune is prosperous

Yin combines with Hai, fortune is clear. Hai combines with Yin, fortune is slow.

Xu combines with Mao, fortune is fake. Mao combines with Xu, fortune is thick.

Chen combines with You, fortune is weak. You combines with Chen, is greatly favorable.

Wu combines with Wei, fortune is slow. Wei combines with Wu, is greatly favorable.

Si combines with Chen, fortune is slow. Shen combines with Si, the officer Qi is prosperous.

Such as Jia Wu Xin Wei is self prosperous, but natal 'Lu' is weak, like Yi Wei Ren Wu even though 'Lu' is weak is roughly obtainable. Also say: For men, combining 'Jue' is a taboo, for woman, combining with 'Gui (nobility)' is a taboo.


  1. Dear Master Trey Tan

    Sometimes I difficult to determine my chart combine or clash

    Ren Bing Yi Yi
    Chen Xu You Mao

    DoB 7 Oktober 1975, 6:45 AM 112.7 [deg] east, 7.2 [deg] south

    Xu with Chen clash
    but Xu with Mao combine

    You and Mao Clash but You and Chen combine.

    So could you interpret my chart please?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Greetings from HelloKitty! =)

    Your translation is superb. Thumbs up!!!

  3. Dear unknown,
    Imo, combine comes first before clashes.


  4. Dear Trey,

    I believe there are some conditions for EB combination/transformation to take place. E.g.

    EB combined element needs to protrude in HS then we call it successful transformation. If EB combined element did not protrude in HS, we call it combination without transformation. When LP arrives with HS reveal the EB combined element, at this stage, it will transform.

    1) Do you agree with the above?
    2) Does 月令 play a role in determining combination?
    3) For strong pillar like 戊午 where rootedness is present, will EB transformation take place when 未 appears during LP?


  5. Dear Ben,

    At the moment, I don't have the confidence to answer your questions regarding the transformation of the 6 combination. I have very limited information on this subject and still researching. Many classics do not mention about transformation at all. I'll get back to you when I get the info.


  6. Hi Trey,

    No problem. I understand different school has their own method to determine combination. Anyway, thanks for clarifying my doubts and questions all these while.


  7. Hi Ben,

    I have learned a lot since I started this blog, back then I could only see the toenail of a dinosaur called BaZi, now I think I can see the fingers. The more questions I get, the more information I would gather to share. So your questions are always welcomed.


  8. I am a geng monkey yr,Wu tiger mth,geng horse day, Bing dog hr.

    Like this Bing geng Wu geng
    xu wu yin shen

    How do you think the san he fire combination will effect my metal day master is it bad?

  9. Hi All. what is meaning of
    Wu combines with Wei, fortune is slow. Wei combines with Wu, is greatly favorable.
    If EB at day & year pillar : Wei & Month pillar: Wu assumption all transform to fire, is it bad for strong fire DM (before transform it is weak fire DM)