Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The dragon and HS transformation

According to SMTH, transformation is derived from the 60 JiaZi, by looking at which element that is 'ruling the dragon' 统龙 at the relevant series.

Eastern Ren Zi, until Ding Si, 6 counts. Thus Ding combines with Ren, Ding Ren transforms to Wood. Jia virtue is ruling the dragon.

Southern Wu Zi, until Gui Si, 6 counts. Thus Wu combines with Gui, Wu Gui transforms to Fire. Bing virtue is ruling the dragon.

Western Geng Zi, until Yi Si, 6 counts. Thus Yi combines with Geng, Yi Geng transforms to Metal. Geng virtue is ruling the dragon.

Middle Jia Zi, Until Ji Si, 6 counts. Thus Jia and Ji combines. Jia Ji transform to earth. Wu virtue is ruling the dragon.

Northern Bing Zi, until Xin Si, 6 counts. Thus Bing and Xin combines. Bing Xin transform to Water. Ren virtue is ruling the dragon. 

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