Thursday, January 18, 2018

Case Study: An old request to read a chart

Found this post among a pile of posts that I didn't publish

This post was to help a reader of this blog to decipher a set of BaZi.


Born 5th Sept 1981

in Hong Kong.

After time adjustment, I find the LAT to be 3.16 AM

This is the BaZi chart:

Bing DM born three days before White Dew, the Month Command is Geng Metal.

Shen-You-Xu forms a full metal frame in the EB.

Bing on the month pillar and Xin on the year pillar are combined and transformed (to metal)

Chart structure: Wealth First, Seal After 先财后印
The god in charge (YueLing): Wealth
Minister god XiangSheng: Seal
Positive: Strong Wealth structure with slightly strong DM rooted in hour.
Negative: Neither Seal nor Officer are protruding
Favorable: Seal stars: wood

So much metal.. So much wealth

Wealth structure, DM is ChangSheng in Yin and entombed in Xu. DM has Qi and is strong

This guy should be successful in his old age (where Seal resides)

先财后印, 反成其福
First Wealth and Seal after, inadvertently becomes fortune. 


  1. Why bing xin transform to metal bro?
    Usually bing xin in monkey month still transform to water?

  2. Hi bro,

    That one, ermm.. at first I thought it would transform to water too.. but then there are 2 things I take into consideration

    1. The DHHS on that particular day is Geng Metal
    2. Shen You Xu is a metal formation.

    I think the guy is still alive and well. if it were to form water (7K) the chart would become Wealth protecting 7K, which is disastrous.