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BaZi: Royalties - Elizabeth II, Queen of England

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This chart has me perplexed for quite some time. I couldn't figure out how a queen could have a chart that is seemingly.... not outstanding.

Geng metal born in the end of spring, water takes command. Also protruding on top of Month EB is Ren Food God.

The strong Food God structure is auspicious, especially when 7K on the Year EB is rightly used. A Food God controlling 7K structure. However, also protruding is DO on the hour HS. This is a sickness that is called 官杀混杂, mixed authority, sickness breaks the structure.

The chart has 2 GuiKang pillars, Geng Chen and Ren Chen. Naturally many people would think that this is a GuiKang chart. Favors metal and earth, dislikes Wealth and Authorities.

This chart has 2 authorities, if this was a GuiKang structure, the chart will be completely broken. It's not possible for the Queen of the Commonwealth to have a broken chart. If this were really the case, I'd throw away all my books and forget all about BaZi.

GuiKang is a special structure that is only considered when a normal structure cannot be established. Special structures are only established after many criteria are put into consideration. These are some very important ground rules that apply to every set of BaZi.

有杀只论杀, 无杀方论用
With 7K, analyze 7K first, without 7K then analyze the Useful God.

When the Month EB has a Useful God, the Month EB is important (should be used)

In this chart, there's 7K on the Year HS and there's Useful God (Food) on Month HS. Hence, this chart cannot be considered as a GuiKang structure.

When I first knew about mixed authorities, the only remedy I know is 官杀混杂要制伏. Mixed authorities has to be restrained. Restrain means having output elements that is strong enough to suppress both the 7K and DO. That is a form of remedy, suppressing 7K is fine, but what about suppressing DO? isn't that inauspicious?

Little did I know back then.

Queen Elizabeth II BaZi chart has a better remedy for the mixed authority problem. The protruding Ren acts as both the cure and the Useful God.

Ren counters away 7K and at the same time saves Direct Officer 去杀留官. (Refer to the previous post). Clearing the structure from a strong sickness. Thus the subject is very noble.

With sickness and remedy it is noble, . (Wu Yan Du Bu)

The chart becomes greatly auspicious.

Update: I forgot to add, after 'Discard Devil and Save Officer', the structure becomes a Direct Officer structure. (refer to previous post)

If there's an entity that can discard DO and save 7K, it should be discussed as Indirect Officer (structure), if there's an entity that can discard 7K and save DO, it should be discussed as Direct Officer (structure). Thus Useful God has changed from Food to Officer. 

Positive Food countering Devil on month and year denotes coming from a powerful family. 7K on year pillar denotes powerful ancestors. Positive officer on hour pillar denotes noble children.

That aside, Geng Chen is also a pillar known as 日德, Day Virtue. which denotes a kind and gentle person.

It took me a few months to figure out how this chart actually works.

PS: I have to say is really a great bazi calculator. It comes with so many charts of famous people. That is so convenient for study.


  1. Hi trey,

    I don't know where I should put my "Hello", though following for a while your new series of articles which are still full of Bazi insight.

    So, I decide to put my greeting for your comeback here, and of course, together with my request for help.

    One of my unsolvable problem is about the late-season month, all 4 earth months. Do they, in general, support Metal, or at least not drain Metal Qi? For earth element, it's been already clear that they definitely support it. For earth month of Chen-Dragon, though still being a Spring month, but as an earth, does it at least give some support to Geng in the case. At first, I just simply think all 3 Chen EBs support the queen's Geng DM and make it a strong DM.

    Please help advise.....

    Ps. There seems no good opportunity for formal Hello in the 5arts forum.


    1. Hi DW,

      Hello again :)

      As far as I know, Of the 4 Earth EBs, only Wei does not support metal. My understanding comes from a phrase in DTS about Geng metal that says:


      Moist earth, thus engender. Dry earth, thus brittle.

      As Chen and Chou both contains water, they should be regarded as wet earth. Moreover, Chou is the storage of metal, definitely a supporting branch. Xu has a leftover metal Qi. So it is also a supporting branch.

      Chen is made of Wu earth as the main Qi. Wu (Indirect Seal) is supportive because Yi inside Chen would prevent Geng from overwhelmed by Wu earth.

      Regarding how strong the DM is, DM in this case has little Qi, but it has support from all the supportive earths and a storage Qi in the Hour EB. DM is not strong, but is being supported. That is a sign of affection for BaZi.


    2. Hi trey,

      Thank you sooooo much for your help with Bazi insight...

      That's very kind of you, as always.. :)

      I have to confess that I still don't get it clearly about concept of "not strong but supported". I think I have seen it quite several times... Does it mean "weak"?

      Sorry for being too fussy, but my understanding in Bazi remains so simply elementary that DM is just either strong or weak. :) If not one, it would be the other, though different degree like much strong or much weak could be applied.


      Ps. I try not to spoil your blog, so may I take this topic to say "thank you soooo much" for the other 2 replies with kindness of yours.?.. :)

    3. Hi DW,

      You're welcome.

      Regarding the strength of the DM, It's unmistakably weak. Having only roots in Chou EB.

      In my opinion, the earths are supportive of the DM but they don't provide Qi to the DM. Weak DM supported by Seals is 'having affection' 有情.

      Nevertheless, in classical BaZi, we don't really put that much emphasis on the strength of the DM, it's not that we don't care, but we emphasize more on the 'affection' of the chart. The strength of the DM is taken into account when we need to find out how affectionate the chart is. That is a little too long to explain in a post.

      You can read about the mechanics of Classical BaZi from the Useful God chapters. It takes some efforts to read and try to understand those chapters, but after you have done it, it opens up so many dimensions in BaZi.

      Good Luck and ask away if you still have questions.

    4. Hi trey,

      Thank you very much for your advice!


  2. This is a good BaZi structure with Pian Cai curing indirect resource turning into Seal (Yin Shou).

    7K is the negative star again clean by Shi Shen. (Eating God) Running the luck supporting Shi Shen. Pressure from Noble family, smooth transition and enhancing the lineage to greater heights.

    She will fear the Summer season Si Wu. Wei luck currently is still fine but her health will be very bad in Wu luck.

  3. A little update on the monarch.

  4. Dear Trey,

    very interesting chart assessment, thank you.

    what do you make of the DingRen combination sitting on both pillars aside the DM?
    As month is spring and main EB Qi is earth, only possible resulting element would be Wood.

    Does the combination have influence to the chart structure and if not, why can it be ignored?

    Best regards,


  5. Hi Trey,

    Would you be able to share some insights on the Din Ren combination here.

    Many Thanks