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BaZi: A list of Chart Structures

Chart structures are categorized into 2 main groups - common structures and special structures. Special structures are sometimes called 杂格 miscellaneous structure. There are many of them. Common structures are the structures that can be established from the Month Decree. If the Month EB fails to produce any Useful God, or the intention of the chart is inclined towards a certain special structure, only then the chart  can be considered to have fallen under certain special structure. Thus the saying 提纲有用提纲重, when the keypoint (Month EB) has 'Use', keypoint is heavy (more important).

What is the use of knowing the structure?

1. To know which God or element is favorable and unfavorable.
2. To grade a chart, a person which a good grade chart is very likely to be successful.
3. To analyze the Luck Pillars, based on point 1.

Alright, here we go.

Common structures

Common structures according to DTS:
1. Direct Officer Structure 正官格
2. 7K Structure / Indirect Officer Structure 七杀格 / 偏官格
3. Direct Wealth Structure 正财格
4. Indirect Wealth Structure 偏财格
5. Food God Structure 食神格
6. Hurting Officer Structure 伤官格
7. Direct Seal Structure 正印格
8. Indirect Seal Structure 偏印格

Common structures according to ZPZQ:

1. Direct Officer Structure 正官格
- 官用财生 - Officer engendered by Wealth
- 官印双全 - Officer and Seal both complete
- 财印并透 - Wealth and Seal protrude together
- 遇伤佩印 - Seeing Hurt and adorn Seal

2. 7K / Indirect Officer Structure 七杀格 / 偏官格
- 杀用食制 - 7K controlled by Food
- 杀印相生 - 7K and Seal mutually engendering
- 杂气七杀 - Mixed Qi 7K

3. Wealth Structure 财格
- 财旺生官 - Prosperous Wealth engendering Officer
- 财用食生 - Wealth engendered by Food
- 财格佩印 - Wealth structure adorned with Seal
- 财用杀印 - Wealth uses Devil and Seal
- 兼用食印 - Wealth uses Food and Seal
- 财用伤官 - Wealth engendered by Hurting Officer
- 财带七杀 - Wealth carrying 7K

4. Seal Structure 印格
- 印格用官 - Seal structure uses Officer
- 印格用杀 - Seal structure uses Devil
- 印格带食伤 - Seal structure carrying Food or Hurting Officer
- 印多用财 - Abundant Seal uses Wealth

5. Hurting Officer Structure 伤官格
- 伤官佩印 - Hurting Officer adorned with Seal
- 伤官生财 - Hurting Officer engendering Wealth
- 伤官驾杀 - Hurting Officer controlling 7K
- 金水伤官用官 - Metal Water Hurting Officer uses Officer
- 兼用财印 - Hurting Officer uses Wealth and Seal together
- 伤官用煞印 - Hurting Officer uses Devil and Seal

6. Food God structure 食神格
- 食神生财 - Food God engendering Wealth
- 食神制杀 - Food God controlling Devil
- 食就杀印 - Abandoned Food God to follow Devil and Seal

6. YangRen Structure 阳刃格
- 阳刃用杀 - YangRen uses 7K
- 阳刃用官 - YangRen uses Officer
- 阳刃用财 - YangRen uses Wealth

7. JianLu YueJie Structure 建禄月劫格
- 禄劫用官 - LuJie uses Officer
- 三奇 - Triple wonder
- 禄劫用财 - LuJie uses Wealth
- 禄劫用煞 - LuJie uses Devil
- 禄劫用伤食 - LuJie uses HO / Food. 

There are many variations of each of the structures not included in this list.

Other variation in XPHH
1. Mixed Qi Seal and Ribbon structure 杂气印绶格
2. Mixed Qi Wealth and Officer structure 杂气财官格
3. YangRen and 7K structure 七杀阳刃格
4. YamgRen and Compare Shoulders structure 阳刃比肩格

Special structures

Special structures in DTS
1. Follow image 从象
2. Transformation image 化象
3. Fake Follow 假从
4. Fake Transformation 假化
5. Smooth Structure 顺局
6. Inverted Structure 反局
7. Ruler's image 君象
8. Minister's image 臣象
9. Mother's image 母象
10. Child's image 子象

Special structures mentioned in Xi Ji Pian, YHZP.
1. Combining Lu Structure 合禄格
2. Returning Lu Structure 归禄格
3. Ren riding on dragon's back structure 壬骑龙背格
4. Six Yi's rat nobility structure 六乙鼠贵格
5. Intersect of walls of the well structure 井栏叉格
6. Punishment and combination structure 刑合格
7. Zi far away from Si structure 子遥巳格
8. Chou far away from Si structure 丑遥巳格
9. Arching fortune structure, arching nobility structure 拱禄格、拱贵格
10.Indirect Wealth on hour pillar structure 时上偏财格
11.Six Yin facing Yang structure 六阴朝阳格

Special structures mentioned in SMTH (not listed above)
1. Indirect Officer on hour pillar structure 时上偏官格
2. Focusing Lu structure 专禄格
3. Abandoning life to follow Devil structure 弃命从煞 (Follow 7K)
4. Clashing or Combining Fortune and Horse 冲合禄马
5. Breaking Officer 破官
6. Flying Wealth 飞财
7. Breaking Wealth 破财
8. Tiger Wu and python Si 虎午奔巳
9. Goat striking Pig and Snake 羊击猪蛇
10. Clashing Lu 冲禄
11. Six Ren hastening Gen 六壬趋艮
12. Six Jia hastening Qian 六甲趋乾
13. Day noble 日贵
14. Day virtue 日德
15. Kui Gang 魁罡
16. Blessing and Virtue elegant Qi 福德秀气
17. Exchanging the Origin of Fortune 禄元互换
18. Zi and Wu twins 子午双包
19. Green dragon hiding its form 青龙伏形
20. White tiger exerting its influence 白虎持势
21. Vermillion sparrow riding the wind 朱雀乘风
22. Black tortoise taking authority 玄武当权
23. GouChen (some kind of mythical creature) getting the place勾陈得位
24. Bent and straight 曲直
25. Flaming above 炎上
26. Following formation 从革
27. Nourishing under 润下
28. Sowing (grain) and gathering (in harvest) 稼穑

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other  structures listed in XPHH and SFTK.

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