Saturday, October 26, 2013

BaZi: SMTH 论印绶 Discuss Seal and Ribbon part 4

The ode says:

Metal relies on Earth to be engendered, when Earth is thick. metal will be buried.

Wood is nourished by Water, when Water is strong, wood would float and drift.

When Fire is blazing, Earth is parched and cannot engender anything.

Tough metal cannot engender Water (like Geng day seeing Xu etc)

Prosperous Earth meeting prosperous Fire, seeing this denotes eye disease, ulcers or fever.
(Trey: Fever - diseases that related to fever like typhoid fever, dengue fever or yellow fever etc)

Dung earth cannot engender Metal, parched metal cannot engender water, reposed water cannot engender wood, cases like this should be analyzed in detail, these should not all be analyzed as Seal.

If water gets engendered by Metal and meets Autumn, then Water is clear and Metal is white, elegance and beauty worthy of high praises, one Water and three Metal, this is called the image of 'complete form'

Fire gets engendered by wood and is born in Spring, wood is elegant and fire is bright, glowing in red and green, seeing Metal would injure the wood, and extinguish the glow of the fire.

For metal and wood Seal, when there are many, they should be analyzed as auspicious.

If Fire Seal is Abundant, Earth is cracked, if Water Seal is rampant, Wood floats, if Earth Seal is heavy, Metal is buried, all these are not auspicious.

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