Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BaZi: SMTH 时上一位贵 - One nobility upon hour.

7K on Hour Pillar

Xi Ji Pian says: If the hour has a 7K, it does not necessarily mean it's inauspicious. if the month restraining stem is strong, the devil becomes authority.

Classics says: Indirect Officer on the hour pillar needs Self to be strong, when YangRen clashes or punishes the devil can equally match, if there are many restraints (EG / HO) it desires luck for Devil to be prosperous, if there are many Devils and little restrains, it must be disastrous.

For Indirect Officer on hour pillar, it must protrude in the stem, only one 7K is needed to be good, otherwise, if 7K is also seen on Year, Month or Day?, it means a laborious life.If self is prosperous and 7K is excessively restrained, it's good for LP to support 7K (where 7K can be prosperous), or a triple combination for the Devil, if there's no restrain, then seeing restraint in LP is good.

It is inauspicious for self to be weak, when LP supports self, one can be successful, but after the luck, it is not good just as before the LP.

Also it is said: Indirect Officer on Hour Pillar is not afraid of clashing YangRen, one will be upright, outspoken and unyielding, if devil has not root, it should sits on prosperous palace, if there are roots, then it's not beneficial (Wealth has, the root of 7K), if there's on one 7K, and there are 2 or 3 restraints, even if one is more scholarly than Li or Du, it is difficult to be prominent.

DuBu says: Hour Devil has no root, prosperous 7K is most noble, Hour Devil has many roots, prosperous Devil is no peace.

Jing Shen Fu says: Indirect Officer on Hour Pillar, in one's late years, the children would be outstanding.

Old songs say: Indirect Officer on Hour Pillar likes YangRen to clash, Strong Self and restraints denotes abundance of Fortune, if Direct Officer is also present, with weak DM, denotes difficulty and poverty.

Also: One Indirect Officer on hour pillar is strong, when day and time prospers self, it is exceptionally auspicious, with Wealth and Seal, one will much wealth and fortune, that one is destined to be a person of heavy responsibility.

Also: 7K on hour pillar is Indirect Officer, with restraints and strong Self, one will have a good life, if 7K is overly restrained it is good for LP to support 7K, with a triple combination it is not difficult to be successful.

Also: 7K on hour pillar originally will be childless, but this theory has to be analyzed attentively, under the month or hour if there is restraint, then it must be known that one will have children and nobility comes lately.

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