Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BaZi: SMTH 年上七煞 - 7K on Year Pillar

7K on Year Pillar

The classics says: When the Year Pillar sees noble Qi, it desires DM to be healthy and prosperous, YangRen to combine, and the present of Wealth in the pillars, and furthermore going through Wealth Luck period, one will be very successful in a delicate and beautiful way (?)

Most dreadful is weak DM, as 7K is like villain, when it's residing at the ancestor's place (Year Pillar), it's like old ministers in the court, the old servant who served the grandfather, when DM is healthy and prosperous, the old servant would strive to serve his young master, if DM is weak, it cannot control the old servant, so how can the old servant strive to serve him? it become something harmful to the DM instead.

When the Year Stem sees this, it denotes coming from a humble background, if the 4 pillars and LP are affectionate, denotes the poor and humble family born a noble child (that the DM is the noble child), if the Devil is prosperous and Self is weak, clashing and punishment are excessive, denotes poverty, and the worst case could be the death of parents or getting punishment (from the government)

Also it is said: When there's only 1 Devil on Year Pillar, it is not beneficial to be restrained, when there is more than one, then it is good to be restraint, when DM is prosperous, and there are too many restraints, then it is auspicious for Luck Pillar to be places where Devil is prosperous, if it is excessively restrained, or prosperous devil and weak Self, or Officer and Devil Mixed, or the LP comes to be like this, it's just ordinary (mediocre) people. 

If the restraint is insufficient, and LP goes to a place where DM is weak and Devil is strong, the it must denotes a disaster or suffering (from illness). A chart:

Gui       Ren      Geng       Wu
Mao     Wu       Shen       Xu

Wu is combined with Gui, Mao is combined with Xu, Ren sitting on EB Wu, Wealth and Officer are readied, thus it is noble.  

The ancient song says: Year Virtue Ren comes to see Xu Year, Wealth is prosperous Self is strong and the fortune is natural, and when Luck Pillar goes to place where Wealth is prosperous, one is loyal, intelligent, wise and virtuous. 

Also: 7K on year stem should not be analyzed as inauspicious, when it is restraint or combined it has a lot of  achievement, it Self is strong and without unfavorable (god) or breakage, this person is most probably a person who goes to the forbidden court (government court) 

Also: Year injuring Day stem is not the same, the stems and branches must have heavy restraints, when Devil is prosperous, it is good for Self to be prosperous, but in the early years it is difficult to avoid a case of calamity. 

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